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The Opium-Treaties

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An Opium-War In China

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An Opium-Threat to China

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  With all the moderate voices out of the picture, there were only two ways left, for this conflict to grow. The Chinese could drive the British from their shores and clamp down on trade with the outside world, or the British could bring the great empire to their knees and force them to trade …

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  “Guns had been fired, lives had been lost and the widows had to pay the cost of a battle.” Full scale war wasn’t a certainty yet at that point of time. The British had set up a blockade and Chinese were offering to let British captains dock so long as they signed a bond, …

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  As ‘East India Company’ was coiling a massive debt to the government for funding its military expansion in India, something was needed to be done. They needed to find a traceable good other than silver, that the Chinese would want to import, to offset the massive costs of the Victorian need for tea. The …

In 1792 Britain had just come out of a war that had cost it not only much of its national treasury, but also one of its lucrative overseas colonies in form of North America. The empire needed new sources of revenues, new opportunities of trade and there was one clear possibility in front of them: …

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The root word in Arabic for ‘Mamluk’ is m-l-k (Malaka, To Own). The European slaves were in great demand in Muslim courts because the men made excellent soldiers and the women were sought for their fair skin. Young Mamluk men were trained in special camps as bodyguards, taught the precepts of Islam and inducted into …