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P.U.C.H.K.W 3 – Final Verdict

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Aparaajitaa (অপরাজিতা)

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P.U.C.H.K.W 2 – Terrors and Joy

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Puchku 3 Featured Image

  Years later, a phone-call from Switzerland to India: Hello. : Hasan took the call. Am I talking to ‘Mr. Hasan Hasan’? : Asked a voice. : Of-course I am. Mr. Hasan you have an interesting name. The name is same as the last name. Multaan told me about you. You don’t know me, but …

Aparajitaa Featured Image

  এলার্মের শব্দে এক ঝটকায় বিছানা ছেড়ে উঠে দৈনন্দিন রুটিন অনুযায়ী যন্ত্রের মত কাজ শুরু করলাম। ছেলের আজ বাংলা পরীক্ষা। ক্লাস ফাইভে উঠবে। আজই তার শেষ পরীক্ষা। অত রাত্রি অবধি পড়িয়েও মনে শান্তি নেই। সব লিখে আসতে পারবে কিনা কে জানে? মাতৃভাষা বলে সারা বছর জোরটা কমই দেওয়া হয়। ছেলের শান্ত নিশ্চিন্ত ঘুমন্ত মুখের দিকে …

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  A restaurant in Delhi: A lady was sitting face to face with a gentleman. Two of them were busy conversing over the various topics in their life. I am an Indian Afghan. : Said the gentleman. : You are an Indian Kannadiga, our daughter is an Indian Chinese and we are having lunch in …

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12/12/2012 (You asked for a date). Something capable of taking down an F-22 Raptor. Nothing’s working. : Shouted the pilot of the F-22 Raptor. : Electromagnetic interference. Missiles are auto-locked… but mechanical failure. They are using the ‘Devil’s Instrument’ against us… whatever it is. Their jet’s leaving towards… Indian subcontinent… It’s… towards… The pilot of …

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Hapush was playing football with friends older than him, when the argument ensued. You’ll never be able to stay there, in that ghost infested house for an entire night. : Naru came up with his challenge. I can. : Transpired from an eight year old boy named Hapush : And I’ll stay there tonight. But …

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With some help from ‘quite a coincidence’, I met with a lunatic friend of mine, on my way towards Dalhousie, Kolkata. Hey Adrish, What are you up to? How are you and how’s life? : Asked a familiar face. Same as before. : I replied, while trying to recognise the stranger and eventually succeeding in …