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A restaurant in Delhi:

A lady was sitting face to face with a gentleman. Two of them were busy conversing over the various topics in their life.

I am an Indian Afghan. : Said the gentleman. : You are an Indian Kannadiga, our daughter is an Indian Chinese and we are having lunch in this bong restaurant because you are from Kolkata, and…

And as long as I live, I’ll love it! : His wife smiled. : The reason why tonight I’m going to pay for the bills. You go and prepare our chariot!

Asif came out of a restaurant, smiling, and was about to board his car when he felt a mild pain in his chest and became unconscious. His wife came out of the restaurant, saw him lying on the street, and screamed in agony. Probably, somewhere in her subconscious, she had been expecting an incident like this. Her husband had a job that compelled the otherwise gentleman to make a lot of enemies.

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Kolkata: Mr. Chatterjee kept losing his cellphones every now and then. It’s not that he was bothered about the expenses, but every-time he lost one; he had to either apply for the same phone number, or get a new ‘SIM-Card’ for his new cellphone. The reason he decided to consult a young next-door hacker – Joy Dutta, for him to find a solution to his woes. Joy was sitting in front of Mr. Chatterjee. There was a bag kept beside the sofa set. It had all the equipment that the young hacker needed to complete his everyday schedule. Mr. Chatterjee handed his cellphone over to Joy.

Now sir, I want you to keep our interaction a secret, because what we are doing here, though not unethical, is not being performed by a registered entity. The hardware and the software have both been developed by our small team of hackers, known as ‘Young Geeks’. : Joy educated Mr. Chatterjee of the situation, and took two devices out of his bag. The first device (Bigger One) looked like a ‘SIM-Scanner’ and the second device (Smaller One) looked like a regular ‘SIM-Card’.  He inserted Mr. Chatterjee’s original ‘SIM-Card’ in the first device and let it scan the card. Once the scanning was completed, he returned the original ‘SIM-Card’ to Mr. Chatterjee and handed the two other devices over to him. : I’ll explain how it works. The first device, which is a scanner, copied your ‘Subscriber Identity Module’ into the second device, which is a ‘Proxy SIM-Card’. Now you may use the ‘Proxy SIM-Card’ that I gave you, like the original SIM. It will work as a proxy, while you keep the original, back at home, in order to ensure that you don’t lose it again. If you lose your cellphone, along with the proxy SIM, you can always create a new ‘Proxy SIM-Card’ using the scanner, because the original has been safely retained.

And what would happen to the ‘Proxy SIM-Card’ that I lost? : Asked Mr. Chatterjee. He had full faith in Joy’s team, and it was probably his last concern, with regards to the procedure that he needed to follow.

There can be only one version of a ‘Proxy SIM-Card’. : Joy smiled. : So the moment you create a new ‘Proxy-SIM’, the previous one you lost, will automatically get disconnected. No worries!

Here’s your fee! : Said Mr. Chatterjee. : And lots of thanks my boy! I have a few friends, I would like to recommend you to. Would you be free by next Sunday?

I’d appreciate if you could allow us some time. : Joy sounded cordial. : I’d be staying in Delhi for about a week.

Is it a business related trip? : Asked Mr. Chatterjee.

Not actually. : Joy smiled. : It’s a long awaited holiday-visit to my uncle’s place and also an escape from the trend of being an overachiever.


A Hospital in Delhi:

It’s sort of a mild stroke. : The doctor told the concerned lady standing beside a gentleman, whom she had called for help. : We hope Asif will recover in a few days. Meanwhile I’d request Ajay to appoint a guard outside the hospital. Just in case!

There are more than thirty armed personnel guarding this hospital. : Said Ajay Singh, the guy standing beside Asif’s wife. : Please do not worry about any unwanted visitor. Anyone planning to harm ‘Asif-Sir’, will be taken care of.

The doctor left and Ajay turned towards Asif’s wife.

Did you inform Diya? : Asked Ajay.

She is safe in a boarding at Dehradun. : Said Asif’s wife. : Thought of not bothering her. Anyways her holidays are here, so let her reach Delhi.

Fine then! : Said Ajay. : Let’s wait for her. In the meantime please excuse me for a few hours. I need to find someone. A few weeks ago that someone had escaped from a prison at Maharashtra. I would also need to consult Rajiv. Hope that I’ll find him at his home.

Don’t you think the heart attack was due to natural causes? : Asif’s wife stared sharply at Ajay.

No I don’t! : Ajay confirmed and started walking. Asif’s wife kept staring till the time Ajay Singh walked out of the hospital premises. Then she took her cellphone out and called her daughter ‘Diya’. Her daughter took the call.

When are you going to reach home Diya? : Asif’s wife asked her daughter.

Maa, I’ve won the best student award. : Diya shouted over the phone. : I’ll be reaching home by day after tomorrow.


Few days ago, at midnight, a guard serving his duty at a Special Cell in Maharashtra had called the Jailor.

Sir! : His voice seemed sunken into deep concern. : Malik is nowhere to be found. He escaped!

And you are suspended! : Replied the senior authority.



Hasan had no idea who could have ringed the doorbell at this hour of the night. He walked down the stairs to find his manager standing beside two people. One of them was unknown to Hasan. The other one was ‘Malik’.

I need a car. : It sounded like an order from Malik.


A few days later, Malik and his subordinate Multaan were seen at a secret location in Delhi.

Why didn’t you kill Asif? : Asked Multaan. : The heart attack could have been more severe.

I wanted him to witness the devastation. : Malik smiled. : I had an update from the guards who were guarding the cell of the Defense Secretary. They informed me that Asif was the mastermind who got me arrested, and not the Defense Secretary. Why I left him paralyzed, for him to realize and remember that he and his stupid ‘IP Team’ had never been able to fail Malik’s mission. Do you have any whereabouts of the first ‘P.U.C.H.K.W’?

Not yet. : Said Multaan. : But our informers reported of something unusual. Asif has a daughter, who looks more of a Chinese, than an Indian.

What? : Malik was about to fall off the chair. : What again? Not good! Man, I should have killed Asif! Multaan, I need further reports. Whom did Asif marry? Who is their daughter? Is she… the P.U.C.H.K.W?


Back to present, where we are standing in front of a bungalow near Dwarka, Delhi:

The name-plate outside the bungalow displayed the owner’s name as ‘Rajiv Lokhande’. The name-plate seemed to hide one more name, that was inscribed on it, but was probably been omitted in recent time. The partially deleted name seemed to be ‘Seema Lokhande’.

Rajiv was sitting on an armchair inside his bedroom, smoking something, when someone knocked at the door.

Aa Jaaiye (Come In). : Said Rajiv. He knew it was none other than his house-assist ‘Biru Kaka’.

Baabu… : Biru kaka had to cover his nose. The room was full of smoke. : How many times have I told you to quit smoking weed? I understand that your job is full of stress. I can understand that she should not have left you. But what’s the point of killing yourself due to all that reason? It makes no sense.

Do you have anything more to instruct? : Asked Rajiv.

There’s this guy who turned up and wants to meet you. : Biru kaka sighed. : As instructed, I told him that you are busy, but he insisted that I tell you something.

What? : Asked Rajiv.

IP2 wants to see IP8. : Replied the elderly assist.


A jeep was moving towards a secret location. Inside it were IP8 and IP2. IP2 was driving the jeep.

What’s it between you and Seema? : Asked Ajay.

The doctor said that she would be having complications during pregnancy. : Rajiv started explaining. : The reason why I wanted us to adopt a child. However she insisted on conceiving and had preconceived negative notions about adopting a child. It ended in a bitter argument and eventually she filed for a divorce.

I see. : Said IP2.

Research and Analysis Wing:

Team meeting of ‘Intelligence Process Team’ was on its way. The core team members of the ‘IP Team’ were: IP H (Head) – Srikanth Vashishth, IP 1 – Asif Nazim, IP 2 – Ajay Singh, IP 3 – Shikhar Chauhaan, IP 4 – Surendra Pathak, IP 5 – Pallav (Paul) Chandrasekar, IP 6 – Nirmal Prabhu, IP 7 – Surajit Sarkar, IP 8 – Rajiv Lokhande and IP 9 – Suzanne Anderson. However, one of them was not attending the meeting that was called upon.

When the Chinese Govt forced the illegal ‘Magnetic Sects’ lab to shut down, they found that certain papers related to their secret researches were missing. : Said IP2 Ajay Singh. : We are anticipating that a Dubai based organization bought those papers from someone at the Magnetic Sects. He/She is someone who is totally unknown to us or to any other Secret-Service in the world, but is referred to as the ‘Icon’. Now this person called ‘Icon’ is probably a scientist who created the first prototype and before escaping from China, She/He is thought to have sold the secret papers related to project P.U.C.H.K.W to someone called Multaan, who was a part of Malik’s team. Multaan is suspected to have hired American Scientists and created a second prototype of P.U.C.H.K.W, which is very different from the first one. On one hand the new prototype is not a cloned child, like Puchku, because their team did not have access to such advanced resources, that’s needed to genetic engineer a human child. On the other hand since the new prototype is a robot or rather a medium toy-car shaped equipment that runs on voice recognition of specific codes, it was easier for them to make it an even advanced version with added features. Features like generating microwaves that can induce a heart attack. We have our doubts that IP1 met with a natural heart attack and have reasons to believe that it was induced by something like P.U.C.H.K.W- 2. I have reasons to believe that it can’t be coincidental that Malik escaped right around the same time as the incident. Do you have any questions?

Where do we start? : Asked IPH.

We should start by paying a visit to the hospital and seeing Asif. : IP9 stood up.

Agreed! : IP5 and the others did the same.

And then we look for Malik. : Said IPH. : Meanwhile let me ensure that all outer ways to Delhi are sealed for anyone who looks like him. They need to know that they are supposed to look for him in Delhi and not Maharashtra.


3 days later, at busy road at New Delhi:

Joy Dutta with his usual absent minded nature, was walking on the road, when he was almost about to be hit by an approaching car.

Dekh key nahin chal saktey? (Watch While You Cross The Road.) : Said the Sikh driver.

Aap dekh kar gaari chalaao (You Need To Be More Careful). : Replied Joy.

Diya was sitting at the backseat. She was on her way to the hospital to meet her father. She felt restless.

First of all you were walking like an idiot at the middle of the road. : Diya started shouting at Joy. : Secondly you had the audacity to argue with our driver Suman bhaiyah (Elder Brother). Let’s not even take it further. You have ‘No Mind’!

The car disappeared in the horizon. Something about Diya seemed very familiar to Joy. What was that?

She didn’t call me – Mindless. : Joy seemed to be absent minded once again. : She used the words- No Mind.

Idiot thaa (He Is An Idiot). : Said Diya, once Joy was out of her sight. : Papa kaisey hain (How’s My Father)?

Pehley sey achchey hain (He Is A Lot Better). : Said the driver. : Bohot recover kar gaye hain (He Has Recovered A Lot).

Hoofsh, Suman Bhaiyah, thank God. : Diya felt better. : Achcha, do you always keep listening to the same FM Station? : Asked curious Diya.

Always! : The driver confirmed with a smile. : National FM Delhi. The one your mother works for.


After a scheduled visit by the IP Team, Asif’s wife was having a conversation with the doctor, when Diya reached the hospital.

Where is he? : She asked her mother.

Meet our daughter Diya. : Asif’s wife introduced her to the doctor. : Can she see her father?

Yes she may. : Said the doctor. : However she needs to realize that Asif has not fully-recovered yet, and any reason for excitement needs to be avoided. Why don’t you accompany her… abaa your name…?

Chetana. : Said the wife of IP1- Asif Nazim with a smile on her face. : Chetana Nazim.


Seema’s situation:

Seema was going through the photographs of her marriage with Rajiv. Those were the happiest days of their lives. Seema’s mother came inside the room and sat beside her.

I don’t think Rajiv is wrong. : Said her mother. : Adopting a child should be something to be upheld.

For that child to grow up, become a traitor, and abandon the parents the way my adopted sister abandoned you? : Seema stood up, threw the album at a corner of her bed and walked outside the room.

Her mother sighed and picked the album up, preserving her daughter’s memories inside a drawer.

To generalize is to be an idiot. : She said to herself.


At a corner of Delhi:

The latest updates have come in. : Multaan walked to Malik. : Asif married the RJ at a court in Delhi, and they adopted a girl child. Their daughter’s name is Diya.

She is no daughter. : Malik’s eyes ignited in vengeance. : She is the weapon created by ‘Icon’; the deadliest weapon against the present world order. Not a problem. We have the next best with us.

Malik pressed the button of a remote, and a vault opened. A two and a half feet toy-car came out of the vault all on its own. Malik picked a bag up, and pulled out a user manual. The manual contained specific codes to instruct the robot called P.U.C.H.K.W.  It said: The words ‘follow the remote’ are to be instructed using the code – P.U.C.H.K.W-Version 2 – API – 329NGCHQ051. Malik read the code to the robot. The robot’s voice recognition recognized the code. The robot got activated and started following Malik (Because He Was Holding Remote). The lights in the room were affected by the strong magnetic field of the toy-car, and went off before returning back to normal. Malik took out a lighter and burned the manual.

What are you doing? : Asked Multaan.

I am ensuring that the robot doesn’t take instructions from anyone else. : Roared Malik. : I have memorized all these codes. No one else other than ‘Icon’ knows the codes. Why an outsider like Chetana will never be able to intrude into our missions. Now we proceed as per our plan. First we go to “B.A.R.C” (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) in order to test the thing. Then we hit the actual target located in Rajasthan. The second prototype is even advanced in the sense it can itself trigger a Non-Deployed-Atomic-Warhead and program certain ejections of radiation that will make it explode to leave its marks even on this Nation’s-Capital. Asif will helplessly watch the destruction of his country, his family and himself. Buddha will laugh at the same place, where he had smiled. We’re at Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur and it’s almost 5:00 clock. Let’s pay a visit to our first target.


A movie shoot was scheduled to happen in the city. The shooting team stood in front of Lotus Temple.

Who’s coming? : Asked a curious passerby.

Rojonikanto, the celebrity of Tollywood! : Said the proud spot-boy. : It’s a Bangla movie!

What is the name of the movie? : Asked the guy.

Keliye Brindabon Dekhiye Debo (I’ll Beat The Hell Out Of You). : The spot boy confirmed.

And what does that mean? : Asked the passerby, unable to understand his Bangla.

Move aside or they will give you a live demo. : Said the employee, before going busy with his own schedule.

It’s a song sequence. : The director started explaining. : A lavish and ambitious take! It’s a full moon night. The entire temple at the background is lit with lights. A storm will be created using the huge compressors (fans) underneath the stage. The pallets of the Lotus Temple will open like a flower’s pallets. We’ll achieve the feat using computer graphics. Once the pallets of the temple open, our hero shall come out of it, wearing a lungi and Punjabi-top. He’ll take his sunglasses off, and say – It’s because I’m a flower I say. Mind it!

Yanna rascala! : Thundered the Celebrity of Tollywood. : My entry, a storm!


Joy was sitting in his uncle’s study room. He had borrowed his uncle’s laptop for an evening.

Hello, young man! : His uncle walked inside the room. : I can see that you are busy. Did you not have your dinner yet?

Just had it Kaku (Uncle). : Joy smiled.

Fine then, you may carry on. : Said Joy’s Uncle, about to leave. : Whoa…

His uncle was surprised because the lights had suddenly started flickering. Joy was equally surprised. Then the lights went off.

The Inverter must be working. : Joy’s Uncle sounded concerned. : Mustn’t it? How did the U.P.S shut down?

Joy took his tab out. It was showing nothing but green dots all over the display. Then in a moment everything came back to normal. Lights came back and the tab’s display went back to normal.

Some kind of magnetism had taken over all the devices. Joy restarted his tab, unscrewed the laptop and checked the hardware. There were defragmentation issues with the Hard-Disk. Then he connected the tab to a scanner similar to the ‘SIM Card Scanner’ that he had sold to Mr. Chatterjee, and clicked a button that said ‘Scan and Copy’.

It’s some kind of a signal that executed a command in the BIOS. : Joy said to himself. : The command accelerated the speed of the laptop to such an extent that the hard disk got affected. The source code of its programming language acted like a virus both for the laptop and the tab, causing them to temporarily malfunction. But how did it download into these devices; from thin air? The Bluetooth was off. Let me check. Probably the source code of the command got saved in the BIOS. I’ll try to copy it and determine its commanding language to find an anti-version to it. It may turn out to be an opportunity, and may bring business for ‘Young Geeks’, in the future.

Joy had no idea that he was about to decipher the code of the robot called P.U.C.H.K.W 2.


Shot of a lifetime:             

Keliye brindabon dekhiye debo – Take 1… : Shouted a guy.

Rojonikanto was ready! A lungi, a Punjabi, plastic sunglasses and that’s it. The stuntman tied a steel rope around his waist and moved aside. The compressor started.

Rojonikanto was standing on it. Suddenly the lights flickered and the compressor underneath the hero accelerated creating a thrust of air that had the strength of a typhoon. The thrust made the hero fly up in the sky like a rocket. Even the metallic rope snapped.

Yahanna-raashkala, find it! : It was the last dialogue that got recorded before the flying superstar disappeared into the horizon.


Failed effort:

Diya and her mother Chetana were returning home in Suman’s car.

How’s Priya? : Asked Diya.

She has completed her studies and is now working as the prime helping hand for Miss. Andrews. She is the one who acts as the manager of the orphanage. Don’t worry, once your father recovers, we’ll pay them a visit. : Chetana had to stop because her cellphone was ringing.  It was a call from her office. : Hello, Paras? Only if you could ask someone else to take care of my program for today; I’m stuck here. I am sorry.

Suddenly they heard a scream. Someone was flying away screaming.

Someone save him! : Shouted Chetana. : Stop him.

Unko bachao (Save Him). : Said Suman.

I can’t! : Said excited Diya. : He is not wearing anything that is made up of metal.


Next scene:

A news reader was digging into the reports of a storm during the weather forecast. It was a live telecast.

We are anticipating a storm to come. : Said the newsreader.

Suddenly a man broke the ceiling and fell behind the newsreader. The man was in his underwear.

Who are you? : Asked the newsreader.

The storm! : Said Rojonikanto.

See. : The confident newsreader continued. : It’s as we told you! We come up with the news even before it happens. The next program is – Storm Man’s Interview!


Seema’s mother, and her past:

Seema’s mother was standing at the balcony. The incidents surrounding Rajiv and Seema took her back to the situation that she had to face five years ago.

How could you stand against your father when he placed a lawsuit against the person who tried to abduct you? : Asked Seema and Ashima’s (Seema’s Adopted Sister) mother. At a distance Seema (Teenager) stood beside their father, unable to fully understand the situation. : First of all you made us lose the case, and now that the verdict has gone against us, you’re willingly leaving with the imposter. Are you in your senses?

I am! : Shouted Ashima. : I love him, and he never abducted me. It’s you people who are not my parents. You adopted me against my will. Now get the hell out of our lives.

Ashima walked out of her house with her briefcase, never to return back to her family. Seema kept staring at her parents who were in tears. She felt that adopting a child is probably nothing but a curse to the benevolent parents.


Back to present:

7:30 pm; at the gate of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre:

The code-word is Alpha 174. : Said Multaan.

Please come in. : Said the treacherous lab assistant at B.A.R.C. : I have arranged for the equipment that you had asked for and also booked a lab for us to conduct the experiments.

The team conducted few experiments using the robot called P.U.C.H.K.W – 2 that were deemed successful. Then Malik and Multaan paid the person a good sum of money and left with the robot.


8:00 pm; Chetana’s home:

Chetana was sitting on her bed. Diya was lying on the bed with her head on Chetana’s lap.

Maa. : She said. : What could have happened to that flying person?

God must have saved him Puchku. : Said Chetana.

Does God save everyone? : Asked Diya.

Depends on how you define the word “save” and how biased you are. I love you. So obviously irrespective of how you are, I would be biased towards you and vice versa. The problem seems to be that God isn’t biased towards anyone.

The phone rang.

Hello my child. : The voice of Ms. Andrews could be heard. : I am coming to Delhi. Can’t let you face the situation all by yourself. I’ll reach tomorrow by flight.

Shuph is coming. : Diya started dancing. : Shuph is coming.

After her conversation with Ms. Andrews came to a temporary end, Chetana stood up and started walking towards the kitchen. She had to cook the dinner.

Maa. : Said Diya. : Who is Icon?

Icon who? : Chetana turned to Diya.

I see someone in my dreams. : Said Diya. : The person smiling and telling me – “I am lucky enough because you are here to save my a**, while you are lucky enough to have seen the Icon”.

What else do you see? : Chetana sat beside Diya and stared sharply at her.

I see that I’m coming out of that place with some other people. : Diya stared blankly at Chetana. : Us boarding a plane, a door opening and someone asking me to see something. It was a Jet-Plane; an advanced sort of a Jet.

And? : Chetana dragged Diya closer to her.

A plane crash far down below. : Diya grabbed Chetana as tightly as she could. : Every time it’s the same dream! The Jet crashes!


8:30 pm; Asif’s ward:

IP-H came to the hospital to see Asif. He was accompanied by IP4.

IP1, you are being promoted to Level-Zero. : Said IP-H, to a fully conscious Asif. : You may now authorize the agents to operate abroad. You’ll have all the authorities I have. Congrats!

What about Malik? : Asif tried to salute his superior.

No, please don’t! : Said IP-H. : Do not stress…

There was a power cut at Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur that spread to the adjacent areas at around 4:55-5:00 pm. It may not seem to be a problem, but at around 7:30-8:00 pm, there was a power cut at a specific place which could be suspected as a major problem. So our men had to visit for sort of an audit. : Said IP4.


9:00 pm; B.A.R.C:

The lab assistant was about to leave, when a team accompanied by the police surrounded him and showed him a search warrant.

Main kuch nahin jaanta (I am unaware). : Said the lab assistant of BARC.

You been appointed as the temporary in-charge, were supposed to be aware of anything that happened inside the premises, during those hours. : Ajay’s eyes penetrated through the innocent looking face of the lab assistant.

Sir, here’s something for you to see! : Nirmal Prabhu (IP6) entered the room, with a bag full of cash. : We found this in his official vault.

But the keys are with me! : The lab assistant jumped from his chair. : How come you…

We broke into the vault! : Said Rajiv as he walked in. : Have you got a problem? Have you got into a problem!


Malik’s Den:

They have arrested the lab assistant. : Multaan came running in.

Which means those fools will try to seal the base of the nuclear warhead. Not at a problem. Electromagnetism of ‘Version-2’ is so powerful that it can trigger the nuke from any position outside the premises of their base. The only problem remains with regards to our plans to reach Rajasthan and with our plans to escape. The check points must have been alerted. : Now Malik sounded concerned.

On top of that Asif has been promoted to Level-Zero. He is getting discharged tomorrow. : Multaan sounded worried. : I told you to kill him. Our team here is no match to their might. Thank God, at least we have ‘P.U.C.H.K.W Version-2’ to defend ourselves from their team.

Shut up! : Malik sounded equally disgusted. : It’s not a team. It’s a Nation against us. Fighting the Indian Army with a toy; is this a Hollywood movie? We need either a diplomatic shield or a strategic decoy to defend ourselves.

A shield like what? : Asked Multaan.

Like Asif’s daughter! : Malik’s eyes stopped blinking. : She is an axis to them and an asset to us. We have no other choice but to take a risk. Get the girl!


Uncle’s Home:

Joy had completed studying the language that he had deciphered. It was some sort of a code to instruct a robotic entity. The name appeared on every tag of the commanding language. It was something called the P.U.C.H.K.W Version 2.  Joy picked up his diary and started creating his own commands going by the basic principle of the deciphered language. Then he tested the commands in sort of a logical sandbox installed in his tab. The commands executed perfectly. The only difference was, it was in written form and not verbal.

Only if I could test the commands on the actual thing. : Thought Joy.


Next day; at Asif’s heavily guarded house:

Welcome home! : Ms. Andrews looked relieved.

What a pleasant surprise! : Asif was brought in on a wheelchair.

How are you feeling? : Asked Ms. Andrews, with a smile on her face.

Back from hell.


Inside Chetana’s kitchen:

Priya is more than happy, managing other angels like her. : Ms. Andrews informed Chetana. : And yes, do you remember Gablu?

Of-course! : Chetana started laughing. : How can we forget a Mega-Mind?

Correct. : Ms. Andrews started laughing. : His name is Joy. He is here in Delhi and I need to see him and his uncle at least for once. He had called us and requested.

Definitely! : Said Chetana. : Though I won’t be able to come because I’ll have to take care of Asif, Diya will accompany you. She is my big girl.


A Team-Meeting with IP-H:

We have sealed the Centre. : Said IP5 Pallav.

We have also sealed the external routes from Delhi towards Rajasthan. : Said IP7 Surajit Sarkar. : There’s a Nuclear Facility out there that their team may target.

Oh no, not my home. : IP3 Shikhar Chauhaan sounded concerned. : What could be Malik’s next plan?

Malik has always been associated with extortions. : Said IP9 Suzanne Anderson. : He might be plotting a decoy.

Whom could he target? : Asked IP2 Ajay Singh.

If I were him, I would target either Chetana or Diya. : IP-H looked concerned. : They should be staying at home.

The team left towards Asif and Chetana’s home.


Chetana and Asif’s Home:

They just left somewhere towards Hauz Khas. : Said an appointed guard standing outside the house. : The driver, an elderly lady and a girl.

She is with Suman and Ms. Andrews. : Chetana came walking towards the team. : Why? What happened?


On the streets of Delhi:

Rajiv was on his bike. He had made a terrible mistake and forgotten to bring his addiction, a shot of weed, along with him. He felt uncomfortable and started panting. That’s when his phone rang.

Hello Rajiv, are you still near Katwarya Saray? : IP4 Surendra Pathak shouted over the cellphone.

Yes. : Said IP8 Rajiv Lokhande. : What now?

Diya is outside our guarded premises and the car is moving towards Hauz Khas. There’s too much traffic and traffic control is not being able to mark the car. You have a bike, am I correct? Great! You need to mark it.

Oh man. : IP8 felt dizzy. : I need to smoke.

Forget it and run to save the child. : Shouted IP4, sounding impatient.

IP8’s bike charged through the traffic like an actual bullet.



Suman was driving the car, and the other two were at the backseat. Suddenly two cars blocked their car from two sides and two men jumped inside their car. One of them pointed a gun at Suman’s head and shouted – “Follow my instructions or I’ll shoot”. The other gang member pushed Ms. Andrews out of the standing car. Diya was so surprised that she froze. Then she was about to hit back using her gifts when she felt a mild pain in her heart. Her vision blurred and slowly blacked out.

Rajiv reached the spot of the incident, noticed Ms. Andrews lying on the road and in a moment, realized what was going on. He marked the car, braked, took his gun out and aimed at the wheel, but realized that unfortunately his vision was blurring out and that he desperately needed his fag. Once again he started panting and fired aimlessly, luckily missing any possible human casualty. The cars fled. Rajiv ran towards Ms. Andrews while pulling the cellphone out, in order to ask for help.


A call for Ms. Andrews:

Hello, granny? How far have you reached? : Asked Joy.

We were on our way. : Ms. Andrews was crying. : They took Diya along with them. We’re heading back to Chetana’s house.

Who Diya? : Asked astonished Joy. : Puchku abducted? I’ll be there!

Joy ran for his life.


Meanwhile Asif took a call from an unknown number:

Hello dear friend. : Malik’s voice echoed over the phone-call. : I heard you were looking for me. So I intended to call you back, in order to give you my address.

Malik! : Asif sounded equally sarcastic. : Tell me how many times you have failed your superiors! What do you want?

Safe passage! : Malik was to the point. : Diya is with us. Or should I say she is P.U.C.H.K.W Version 1. We have a team. We need an aircraft and special authorizations from a Level-Zero, that cannot be revoked. My representative will collect them. Make sure everything happens silently. We won’t entertain your media.

The phone got disconnected.

IP4 was standing next to Asif’s bed.

They won’t be able to enter the Nuclear Facility. : Said IP4. : However we need to save Diya.

At what cost? : Asked Asif. : Letting them escape?

Our forces have left towards the Centre; everyone except me. : Said IP4. : I’m in charge of your security. There’s militia coming from the other side, but it would take some time for them to reach the location. On top of it Malik has Diya. Do we have a choice sir?

Asif had to make a call to offer Malik and his team a safe passage. A representative from Malik’s camp collected the special passes that could be revoked even by the Level-Zero.


Last piece of the jigsaw puzzle:

Chetana was crying. Ms. Andrews was trying to persuade her that Diya is alright, when a boy entered the house.

Granny… : He came closer to Ms. Andrews and Chetana.

Hey Joy. : Ms. Andrews was crying. : Come, sit down. Chetana, this is Joy.


Asif’s room:

He is Joy. : Said Chetana. : I told him everything that happened and he had something to add to it. It’s about something called P.U.C.H.K.W Version 2.

Sir, probably you don’t remember me, do you? I am the little Mega Mind. I still have that gift you gave me preserved at my home. : Joy sounded excited, but smiled sadly. Asif tried to get up from his bet, but couldn’t. He eyes twinkled in happiness. : Coming straight to the point sir. I think I know some of the commands of the robot called P.U.C.H.K.W 2. Commands like activation, interception or auto destruct; I scanned and hacked them. I can copy the actions of that monster called Malik in order to override his commands. However, I need to be close enough to that robotic entity. It accepts verbal instructions.

Long story short – An SUV screeched its way towards Rajasthan following the vehicles of one unit of armed forces. Along with the IP Team, Chetana and Joy were inside the SUV.


Abey jaldi chalaa bey sardar (Make It Fast You Sikh). : Ordered Multaan.

Andar waala route hai sir (It’s Not Main Road). : Suman tried to explain. He would have fought with these people, but he was more concerned about Diya. : Ubar khhabar hai (It’s A Rocky Road) Aap ney bolaa toh highway nahin liya (You Ordered Me Not To Take The Route To Highway).

Chup chaap gaari chalaa sardaar (Stay Quiet And Drive Sikh). : Multaan kept misbehaving. : Tujhey nahin chhor saktey (We Can’t Let You Go). Driver hai saala (You Are A Driver Who Is Used To These Roads). Lift wift lekar waapas chalaa jaayegaa, aur khabri banegaa (You’ll Take A Lift And Become An Informer).

The car reached Rajasthan. It was being followed be other vehicle filled with armed terrorists of Malik. They could see the illuminated premises of the Nuclear Facility.

That’s the Centre! : Said Multaan. : Is it accessible?

Yes. : Said Malik, about to command his ultimate weapon. : P.u.c.h.k.w ver 2 afd176npchq248

The machine activated in a different way, and the lights inside the car started flickering.

A call came to Asif. It was IP-H Srikanth Vashishth.

Asif… : He sounded excited. : Somehow even the ‘Non-Deployed Warhead’ at a Rajasthan based facility became deployed and activated. None of the scientists present there have a clue as to how that was possible.

Oh no. : Said Asif. : Let me inform the team.

Asif made another call.

We have almost reached the spot. : Said IP7. : We’ll leave Chetana maam and the teenage boy inside an SUV, away from the action area. Please don’t worry. Malik’s team will not be able to reach the facility.

You said that you have sealed the premises. : Asif lost his cool. : They have already activated it and our scientists are not being able to revert the process. I’ll instruct you over the phone, so listen to me very carefully. Tell the armed personnel there to assist your team that we have the codes for that robot. As for a way to locate P.U.C.H.K.W 2, you need to track its magnetic field. Probably you may use a compass. Keep reporting of the situation. Ya allah!


Inside the Nuclear-Facility:

Sir. : A scientist walked to his superior. : It’s been triggered. It can’t be stopped.

The barometric pressure has been set automatically. : Said the superior: Now the explosives would fire and propel the bullet down and the barrel and bullet will strike the sphere and generator, initiating the reaction. We need to stop the mechanism before that happens.


Outside the Nuclear-Facility:

It started raining.

Use the compass. : Instructed IP8.

IP7 took the compass out and let it determine the direction. It was not pointing towards north anymore. Instead, the compass started pointing towards the direction of the weapon.

That way! : Shouted IP8.

The terrorists were escaping. The armed forces started firing bullets at them. The terrorists retaliated. Suddenly some of the personnel of Indian Armed Force started falling down after screaming due to pain and agony.

Heart attacks! : Said Paul (IP5). : IP7, They are using Icon’s weapon against us. Take them away for treatment.

Stop firing. : Instructed IP7. : You cannot escape Malik. There’s a huge force surrounding you. We also know the codes of that robot you have. We hacked into the codes developed by Icon. We’ll come there. You miss, we hit and once we are there, you’re the dead duck. We demand that you surrender, now!

You don’t dictate the terms! : Malik shouted back. : You can’t stop the countdown and girl is with us. Poor you! Better step down or we’ll kill her too.

Suman had taken a guard from the bullets by sitting behind his own car. Inside his car, Diya was lying unconscious. The sound of the FM playing inside the car was not being able to overpower the sound of the bullets been fired by the two sides.

Waahey guru (Lord), I need to save the child. : Suman thought.

Suddenly Multaan felt a snatch and a punch. The next moment everyone saw Suman running towards the side occupied by the Indian Army.

Let them shoot me. : Shouted Suman. : Save my baby.

A bullet hit him and he fell on the ground.

No! : Shouted Rajiv, as guided by his reflex, he ran towards Suman guarded him, while firing at the terrorists.

A bullet hit Rajiv on his shoulder and he realized that he had gone off guard. He was standing in a position, where bullets were about to rain on him. The terrorists started firing at him and he shut his eyes. To his astonishment, none of the bullets reached him. They took a swift turn and returned to the terrorists, injuring them one after another. Diya (The P.U.C.H.K.W) had woken up, and declared her war against the attackers of Suman bhaiyah. She made each and every bullet turn and hit back at the terrorists.

Malik realized that he had to escape before the Indian Army could destroy the P.U.C.H.K.W 2. Multaan and Malik chose to escape using Suman’s car, because it was the vehicle nearest to two of them. They carried Version 2 inside the car, started the car, and fled the scene to use Asif’s Level-Zero authorization, and eventually flee out of India. The ‘Army-Trucks’ gave them a chase! Five vehicles passed Chetana and Joy’s SUV, back to back. One was the car in which Multaan and Malik were sitting with the Version 2 prototype, and the others were the ‘Army-Trucks’ filled with army personnel, who were chasing them.

Chetana and Joy came out of the SUV that was standing at a safe distance and ran towards the scene, only to find injured Suman and Rajiv, along with a trembling Diya, who was about to collapse. Rajiv clutched her in time. Chetana and Joy ran towards her.

The driver will live. : Said the doctor. : The bullets hit his arms. Rajiv had minor injuries, but could have died, if Diya didn’t intervene.

Puchku. : Chetana called her unconscious daughter.

The exhausted teenager opened her eyes and said – Maa.

That’s my tigress. : Chetana tightly gripped her daughter. : Stand up and help them. There’s a nuke that’s getting triggered. You need to save lives my child.

Diya was standing in front of the nuclear weapon. She shut her eyes and her face turned red. The entire mechanism around the nuke shut down immediately. Even the lights went off.

Un-Imaginable… : Said a scientist, with his mouth wide open, before losing his senses. : What is she?

She did it! : Asif sighed in relief after getting a confirmation over the call. : Ya allah teraa lakh lakh shukr hai (Thank You Lord)!


The great escape:

Huh, all those stupid army personnel will be found lying on the road. : Multaan started laughing. : In a few hours we’ll abandon this car, get a new car from Hasan and escape.


Outside the Nuclear-Facility:

We could capture all the terrorists except Malik and Multaan. Three of the trucks that were following them met with accidents because they used the so called ‘Version 2’ to cause induced heart attacks. : Said the disgusted army personnel. : We have no visual traces of Suman’s car and they have irrevocable Level-Zero passes that they forced RAW to issue. We are trying our best, but maybe they’ll be able to escape.

He messed with my baby. : Roared Chetana. : He targeted our country, he tried to kill my husband who is an honest officer/human being and he hurt Ms. Andrews. We must not let him escape!

At that point of time Suman was being taken to the hospital.

Bachaa liya baby ko (I Could Save The Baby). : In a half conscious state, he turned towards Chetana and told her. : Baby FM sunegi (Baby Loves Listening To FM).

FM! : Shrieked Chetana, as she started to dial the number of Paras, the sound-engineer who worked in his office. : Suman’s FM is always tuned in to our station. Joy, tell me the startup and auto destruct code for that toy named Version 2. Make it fast, because I’ll take my chances!

Hello Paras! : Chetana started her conversation over the cellphone. Her plan was cruel and specific. She knew what she was doing. : Are you in the office? Could you please, please, please make an announcement for me?


Or maybe not that great an escape:

Multaan and Malik were half way towards Delhi when the announcement happened.

We have a special song request dedicated to Mr. Malik. : Announced the RJ at National FM. : It’s…

P.u.c.h.k.w ver 2 afd176npchq248

P.u.c.h.k.w ver 2 afd179npchq249

…and here’s the song – Kabhi alvidaa naa kehnaa.

The lights of the car flickered and went off. The self-destruct in P.U.C.H.K.W Version 2 activated and the very next moment the car blew up due to a huge explosion, killing both Malik and Multaan.


The very next day Seema came to see Rajiv at the hospital. The conversation remained brief.

They told me Diya saved you. : Said Seema.

She is an adopted child. : Rajiv sounded as sarcastic as he could. : Hope you didn’t mind!

Seema started crying.


Few days later:

IP8 was driving a car. Two people were sitting at the backseat. Diya was going back to her hostel. They were heading towards the airport.

Thank god, Suman bhaiyah is completely cured. : Said Joy.

Diya smiled.

Do you remember Ashish Da? : Asked Joy. : He has been promoted.

Okay. : Diya smiled. : That’s great Dha-Dha!

I’ve sent you a Facebook friend request. : Said Joy.

I’ll accept. : Said Diya.

Ahem. : Rajiv stopped the car. : I’ll be back in a moment. I just need to get a few medicines for my weed-rehab.


National FM:

Hi, this is your friend – RJ Chetana, and today we’re gonna ask you about your childhood crush. Did you ever love someone, as your boyfriend or girlfriend when you were a little koochi-poo child?


Shoot for the moon:

The movie production team of Tollywood shot in front of the Lotus Temple once again. This time they did it after checking the weather forecast.


At the airport:

Joy was standing outside the airport trying to see through the windows of the little airplanes flying in the sky, just in case a pair of little hands was waving to bid him a good bye, for now.


Someone, coming soon enough:

At Switzerland, a representative of an establishment called Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire (CERN) was having a word with an unknown visitor. The visitor was about to appear for some sort of an interview with regards to a position that was being offered by the Organization. The unknown visitor walked inside the waiting hall without realizing that a card having the shape and size of that of a visiting card had fallen down from the pocket of his trousers. It was a card that revealed his identity as – ‘Icon’.

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