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The Gastronomic Capital of The Country

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The City My Soul Lies In

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All That Craft

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Gastronomic Capital of The Country Featured Image

Ahead of New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Amritsar and other metropolitan cities, Kolkata has recently won ‘The Title’ of ‘India’s Best Street Food Hub’ according to the survey called ‘Taste of Travel’, as mentioned in a report from ‘The Times of India’. The research was conducted independently among approximately 56,727 respondents from over 30 markets. Every …

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Being a Bengali, Kolkata holds a very special place in my heart. From roadside ‘Phuchkas’, to the comforting breeze of the ‘Ganges’, our city has a lot to offer to the welcomed visitor. One who is born and brought up in this city, will definitely get nostalgic while crossing the old streets filled with ‘Yellow …

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Introduction: None of us could ever forget a face that we had seen at a city named ‘Kolkata’, in our childhood. It’s the face of a toy-seller who used to appear in front of our apartment once every month. The thin fellow carrying a bag full of toys and a smile on his face, had become …