Being a Bengali, Kolkata holds a very special place in my heart. From roadside ‘Phuchkas’, to the comforting breeze of the ‘Ganges’, our city has a lot to offer to the welcomed visitor. One who is born and brought up in this city, will definitely get nostalgic while crossing the old streets filled with ‘Yellow Taxis and Trams’ passing by. For the tourists, every visit holds the key to something new and something amazing. Amidst the busy city life, there is an aloof peacefulness in Kolkata. From the underground metros to steamers and launches, people find happiness in their everyday life. Kolkata has a rich history and an amalgamation of various beliefs, as well as varieties of culture. The city is about the ‘Evening Adda’ with a cup of ‘Chaa’ (Tea) and ‘Telebhaja’ (Fried Food).

Victoria Memorial is one of the historical places of Kolkata and it is a nice place to hang-out with friends or family or to spend time with your special one. ‘Maidan’ is situated near ‘Victoria Memorial’. One of its biggest attractions is the traditional ‘Horse Ride’. The ‘Tram Rides’ at North Kolkata lead you to a trip towards ‘Ethnic-Nostalgia’ and ‘Babu Culture’. A ride on a ‘Hand Pulled Rickshaw’ through narrow lanes of ‘Shobhabazar’ or ‘Sealdah’ is also quite nostalgic. ‘Esplanade’ serves as the ‘Sarojini Nagar’ (The famous Wholesale-Market in Delhi) and ‘Gariahat Market’ serves as ‘Janpath’ (Another famous Wholesale-Market of Delhi) of Kolkata. If you can’t find a so called ‘Matching-Jewellery’ for your outfit from this place, I bet you can’t get it from anywhere else. The prices are cheap and moderate. You will get delicious spicy ‘Phuchkas’ that too of 8-10 variations, here! You would also get to see numerous shoes, bags and dresses hanging in shops that maintain a queue. Apart from ‘Esplanade’, which is also known as ‘New Market’ and ‘Gariahat’, you can also find exclusive and stunning jewelries at ‘Hatibagan Market’.

‘College Street’ serves as a paradise for all book lovers especially for a bookworm like me! It is a street with book-shops and books, covering every corner of it. You can even find rare and ancient books here and at affordable prices. ‘Prinsep Ghat’ is a must visit location for photographers. Its serene ambiance is something to fall in love with. ‘Howrah Bridge’ is one of the oldest gateways to the city. It’s so old that it vibes an exhilarating feeling to drive over that bridge till you’re through. The ‘Old Yellow Taxis, Ferry Ghat, Howrah Station and the horizon over the Holy Ganges’ have an absolutely clairvoyant touch for the ones who’ve been in their company and loved it.

Visiting the ‘Dhakuria Lake’, also known as ‘Rabindra Sarovar Lake’ is a peaceful experience one can seek. ‘Dakshinapan’ is an ideal place of South-Kolkata to buy traditional outfits that are exclusive and once again, at affordable prices. ‘Boro-Bazar’ is the ideal place of ‘North-Kolkata’ to buy what you seek. It is the largest wholesale market in Kolkata.

One of the well-known places of Kolkata is ‘Park Street’. You can witness the night life of the city here and this place is often termed as ‘The Street That Never Sleeps’. On the Eve of Christmas, ‘Park Street’ becomes the most crowded place of the city whereby people pay a visit to witness its beautiful decorations. The enchanting festivities of the city leave you in awe of it, no matter whether it is Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, Holi or any other festival.

The temples here are stunning and gorgeous, especially the holy ‘Dakshineshwari Kali Temple’. ‘Belur-Math’ is one of the blessed and sacred places in Kolkata. Children as well as adults can never forget the fantastic experiences at ‘Nicco Park’. There are numerous rides that you may enjoy. The Water Park (Known as ‘Wet O Wild’) is also something that you can’t miss during the tour. If you want a water-ride higher up there, may visit ‘Aquatica’.

The ‘Science City’ leaves you in awe and is a perfect place to spend time with your family. The ‘Alipore Zoo’ serves as a picnic spot during the winter. Along with the conserved-wildlife you can watch the varieties of migrating-birds who often pay a visit to the zoo.

‘The 42’ is the tallest building of the city. It is situated near ‘Maidan’. There are several other places that grab the attention of tourists, like the ‘Eco Park, Eden Gardens, Nandan (The famous Art Theater), Doll Museum, Birla Planetarium’ etc. There are several malls where people spend quality-time with their family or the loved ones especially on the weekends.

Certain characteristics of the city cannot be put forward merely by means of these petty words. I feel Kolkata is very different from any other city that you may decide to visit. The city is an experience that cannot be explained until felt from the core of the heart. Thanks to the blend of its ethnicity, originality, modernism and sheer beauty, it is often referred to as ‘Tilottama Kolkata’. It continues to uphold the ‘City of Intellectualism’ tag that it’s adored for and retains its old-world colonial charm at the same time. The culture, the tradition, the aura of the city tells the greeted visitor, a story of its own. This city is an emotion. This city has soul. As for the affectionate and enthusiastic behavior of us, the residents of the old and friendly city, you may pay a visit and check it out for yourself.

No wonder it’s called the ‘City of Joy’!

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