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Years later, a phone-call from Switzerland to India:

Hello. : Hasan took the call.

Am I talking to ‘Mr. Hasan Hasan’? : Asked a voice. : Of-course I am. Mr. Hasan you have an interesting name. The name is same as the last name. Multaan told me about you. You don’t know me, but I used to have offers for Malik that were full of logic, not refutable.

What do you want? : Asked Hasan. : Money?

And a file! : Said the voice. : Don’t worry. ‘Leon’ is one of my trusted. He’ll get it for me, along with helping me with regards to forwarding the other related offers handcrafted specifically for your needs.

Who are you? : Asked Hasan.

I had a name. : Said the voice. : A name no-one remembers. Not even Leon. Call me ‘Icon’.

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A flight from Bangalore to Delhi:

Sudeshna Dutta was sitting on the window seat. She was going back home because she had an argument with her husband Joydeep Dutta.

I’ll tell my father everything that he accused me of. : She said to herself. : I’ll tell him about how he argued with me. And for what did he choose to do so? For an incident that occurred even without my knowledge!

The file wasn’t something that important. : Sudeshna had told her husband before departing from the house. To her it was like bidding it a final goodbye. : You shouted at me for nothing. Hate you!

Same here! : Joydeep shouted back at her. : I have got your flight-ticket. Please get lost.

So here she was, sitting on the window seat of an aircraft that had just taken off from Bangalore.

Usually I don’t experience sickness, while travelling in an aircraft. : Said the lady sitting next to her. : However, today I am feeling sick. Maybe that’s because of the way the plane took off. Aren’t you feeling the dizziness?

Not that much. : Said Sudeshna, as she shook her head sideways and tried to smile. There were tears in her eyes, she was trying to absorb back into her eyes. : But to an extent… yes.

The incident started when her husband asked her to keep some sort of an important official file inside the drawer. Astonishingly enough she never found it inside that drawer when her husband asked her to give it back to him. Obviously her husband went furious and after a bitter argument that escalated to worse, he asked her to leave.

Your parents are better equipped to deal with such negligence. : Shouted Joydeep, seemingly more than the word ‘frustrated’. : It’s impossible for me to deal with your carelessness. All that I gave you was an official file to keep inside a drawer and the request did seem too petty, didn’t it? Hate your stupidity!

I have been repeatedly telling you that I had kept it inside that drawer! : Shouted Sudeshna. : Why don’t you trust me? No-none has ever spoken to me like this before. Sheer arrogance of you! Behave yourself!

When a cool-headed person becomes angry for a reason, this is how he is supposed to behave. : Her husband sounded firm. : And this attitude that you are showing me on top of carelessness that you should have apologized for, is the reason why I love the way I am behaving with you. You deserved this sort of a ‘piece’ from your parents long ago; however they didn’t realize the fact! Don’t you keep saying that you want to go to see your mom and dad? Here, take the ticket to Delhi and… Disappear! Like… dhuph… disappear!

Sudeshna immediately packed her luggage and came out of that house.

Dinu kaka, airport chaliye (Let’s Go To Airport). : She said to the driver, and turned to Joydeep to share a few last words before the divorce. : Thanks for the ticket.

Where have you put up? : Asked the lady sitting next to Sudeshna.

We had put up at Koramangala 3rd block. : Sudeshna smiled again. : It was a rented house. My husband is a software engineer.

Is he a serviceman? : Asked the lady.

He has a start-up. : Confirmed Sudeshna. : Gets outsourced projects to complete within the stipulated time-frame.

Had put up? : The lady seemed curious. : ‘Had’ in the sense?

We almost broke-up. : Sudeshna was about to start narrating her story. She had to tell it to someone.

Ma’am. : It was one of the air hostesses, carrying a piece of paper. : It’s a message for you.

Who’s message? : Asked Sudeshna.

It’s from the passenger sitting at seat number ten. : The hostess left.

The paper had a sentence written on it. It said – “Diya, I removed it from the drawer.”

Sudeshna almost jumped-off her seat and turned to find that her husband Joydeep (Joy) was sitting there, smiling.

What’s your name sweetie? : Asked the lady sitting beside her with a smile on her face.

Call me Diya. : Said Sudeshna. She was laughing hysterically.


National-FM, Delhi:

This is your RJ friend Chetana and I would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes that you sent to me. Today I am feeling happier because my daughter is coming to Delhi to see her parents. Fasten your seat belts because I am back with the show named “A Confession” and with me I have honourable Justice of ‘High Court’ named Mr. Rajneesh Kumar. Please tell us Justice Kumar, what would you like to confess?

“I would like to confess that often our judgments that are based on evidences, lead us towards a wrong conclusion which may affect the life of an innocent person.”

Justice Kumar continued his confession.


Office of Research and Analysis Wing (R.A.W):

Trust me sir, I had kept the document here. : Said the clerk. : It’s nowhere to be found.

I don’t believe you! : said IP8. : It was a document related to our future strategies about capturing the leader of the now disassembled ‘Magnetic Sects’. Grabbing Icon by his collar is as important to us as it ever went. Find the document because we’ve spent years tracking his whereabouts. You’ll be thrown in jail, I’m telling you.

The clerk stared back at IP8, clueless.


Hasan’s palace in Delhi (As palatial as the ones at Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata):

We found the document, and the suit works. : Said Leon. : They never saw me coming. While developing the totally indigenous ‘Invisibility Suit’, all I had to do is to replicate the design sent by Icon. He is a genius. The futuristic spacesuit has all the associated gadgets entirely made up of polymers and non-metals that cannot be detected. On top of it, its mechanical structure replicates the user’s actions enhancing the wearer’s strength, speed and stamina, while granting the person near invisibility from the naked eye. Its upper layer is covered with tiny video cameras and holographic projectors that project the illusion of the ambiance all around the person, to make the person inside the suit become translucent to cameras and near transparent to the naked eye. I felt so relaxed during the operation that I took my own sweet time to find the keys of the vault, then opening the vault and eventually walking out of the R.A.W facility, carrying the document inside the suit.

It’s great that you’ve got the document that Icon was interested in. : Said excited Hasan. : Now you need to find, what I am interested in. Something that’s priceless! And next time, please make sure that you are a little faster in coming out of the action area. Don’t underestimate the R.A.W.


Near Asif’s home:

Mrs. Chetana Nazim came out of the office cab, signed for the home-drop and the cab departed. She started her walk towards her home when a masked man appeared out of nowhere and showed her a gun.

Hand your purse over to me. : The gunman’s tone was threatening.

Chetana handed her purse over to the burglar without a word of argument. The burglar was about to turn when a car came and stopped beside Chetana, and the robber’s gun flew inside the car. It was nothing but the effect of the magnetic chip inside Diya’s head.

The very next moment, Joy came out of the car, holding the gun, took the bullets out, walked to the burglar and gave the empty gun back to him. Then he took the purse from the burglar and returned it back to Chetana.

Here’s a hundred rupee note for you. : Said Chetana. : Please don’t rob anyone again.

The dumbfounded burglar took the note, without noticing that Sudeshna (Diya) had come out of the car, and now stood behind him. He turned back.

And here’s a seal to remember what my mother just said! : Said Diya, as she punched the burglar on his face.


Justice Kumar’s incident:

Hasan’s men came to talk to you. : Mr. Kumar’s wife looked worried. : They gave me a briefcase to pass on to you.

It must be money, because that’s all that they have, to offer to an honest judge. : Justice Kumar looked disgusted. : They want a verdict in their favour, and I have been refusing them. Hasan is not innocent. He is a criminal. Give me the briefcase. I need to return it to them before reprimanding them severely.

Grandpa. : A cute boy came running towards Justice Kumar. Mr. Kumar picked him up.

Why don’t you pass the wrong verdict that they want you to? : Asked Mrs. Kumar. : They are dangerous. Give them what they want.

I won’t! : Mr. Kumar sounded firm as he opened the briefcase. : I won’t and they know that. If they keep repeating the same mistake again and again, I’ll submit this briefcase as a proof in the court of law, stating that they tried to bribe me. That’s something…

The moment Mr. Kumar opened the briefcase, the bomb inside the case detonated and the entire house was converted into a fireball over a huge explosion, killing everyone in the family.

We don’t repeat our mistakes Mr. Kumar. : Hasan smiled, standing at the roof of his palatial house, watching something that to him seemed like firecrackers show. : Cheers!


In Switzerland:

A young man walked past an enormous hall and a corridor to reach a small but well decorated room. It was a personal cabin for high-auth designations of the establishment. The middle aged man who was standing inside was staring out of the window, following the behaviour of a cat that was trying to balance itself as it stood on the top of a roof.

The P.U.C.H.K.W is alive, no longer a pet android and married to a mastermind. : The middle aged man’s voice sounded deep. : I should have felt happy. But why does that make me feel jealous about the little child I had seen years ago? Is that because I cloned her from someone I detested?

Hasan has forwarded us the advance for Leon’s next mission. : The young man confirmed. : He is a man of his word. He said Leon’s mission was enough of a demo for him and that it’s time for us to keep our promise. He has gone through our first proposal, and is more than interested in acquiring the newly patented ‘Nuclear Fuel’, and forwarding it to the international customers. However, he requested us to ensure the defense of his wealth and reputation, in case our plans went out of their tracks.

Joel. : The middle aged man sounded amused. : I have always wondered why the person, who laid his life down, in order to protect his wealth, did it in the first place because to a rational being, wealth is not something to be defended; it’s the ‘defence’! What about the file?

Leon has sent the file along with the advance payment sent by Hasan. : Said the young guy named Joel. : I went through it; however what I feel about the mission is that it was a waste of effort and resources. R.A.W or C.I.A has no clue about your initiatives or even your whereabouts. That makes ‘Chang’ the only person capable of finding the Icon.

And everyone thought Chang is dead. : The middle aged man never turned to Joel, but his voice carried an inherent smile hidden within the words. : Joel, I have a feel that the upcoming story would be full of unprecedented twists. Anyways, what’s Chang up to?

He has a secretary named Baozhai. : Joel looked worried. : She is a very shrewd lady. While shutting the ‘Magnetic Sects’ down, Chang’s secretary had put all the diplomatic blame on the entity named ‘Icon’, that’s you. She never revealed it either to the C.I.A or the R.A.W that it was a secret militia project initiated by none other than Jianjun Chang himself. Chang is now a very powerful living entity in China, and as one may presume, a war hero who came back from the dead.

Ha ha. : Icon started laughing so loudly, that it eventually turned into hard coughing. Nevertheless he continued with what he had to say. : Joel, I have always wondered why the person who wrote all that history was the nicest fellow in the story; if so, how come he was the one who abused everyone else’s life? Chang used to call me by my name – Max. I remember the day when I was the young man standing in front of my mentor, the way you are standing out there. He was supposed to get me out of a death sentence that was awarded for illegal experiments on human cloning. He was the ‘God’ and I was to become his ‘Icon’.


Down memory lane:

Years ago at a dark room located inside a military facility in China:

I see that you are a European. : Asked the silhouette of a military officer who had a Chinese accent and stood in front of another silhouette tied up on a chair. : Why did you perform those illegal cloning experiments for which you have been sentenced to death? I mean the experiments that the famous lady super-cop ‘Chen Yang’ arrested you for. How dare in China?

I have nothing against the Chinese people. : Said the man tied up on the chair. : I had performed similar experiments in Europe and escaped before they could track me down. However, I wasn’t the lucky one here. Chen Yang never gave me a hint that she was after me. Before I could take a hint, I was arrested. I perform those experiments because I have this hunger to know more about the nature of only living beings called humans, who were created to analyze the creation of the entity called ‘God’. No other living creature analyzes the creation. Then why did God create us? I had to go to any extent to know it, and to me, Chen Yang was nothing but the resistance chosen by ‘God’ in order to deprive me of the divine knowledge.

What’s your field of expertise? : Asked the Chinese officer. : Robotics?

‘Bio-Robotic Bionics’. : The scientist confirmed. : It’s based on a fusion of cloning and robotic processes related to both hardware and software developments! It’s not yet a part of broader science and is an extremely high-end technology that’s at a theoretical stage for anyone other than me.

Hmm. : The Chinese officer thought for a moment. : I have gone through your research papers and they are more than impressive. You are gifted and I can be your refuge, but on certain conditions. I have a brain-child project that’s waiting for life to be invoked, and you may consider yourself to be the chosen one. You’ll be designated as the leader of ‘Magnetic Sects’, responsible to come-up with an invincible warhead named ‘The P.U.C.H.K.W’. Welcome back to life. What’s your name?

Max. : Said the European.

That’s a name I am supposed to know. : Said Chang. : My subordinates will know you by the name ‘Icon’.

Few days later, outside a higher court in China:

How could you pass a judgment in favour of that baby killer? : Chen Yang, the Chinese cop asked the Judge. : He deserved the death sentence!

The Judge chose to ignore her, boarded his car and departed.

That night, at the very military facility, a subordinate officer informed his superior – Jianjun Chang that ‘Chen Yang’ had been taken care of, and that her genetic samples had been forwarded to the Icon, for him to bring to life a cloned child, who was to become the human warhead for ‘Project P.U.C.H.K.W’.

Few days after the incident Chang was referred for an operation by a high rank businessman and diplomat named Chris Christenson and Jianjun Chang was sent to Vietnam to take care of a Sino-Vietnamese military conflict. In his absence, Max became the supreme commander of ‘Magnetic Sects’ and was known among his peers as the Icon. He retained his position till the time the R.A.W and C.I.A intervened in his business, after which the secretive organization was banned and he had to escape to Switzerland. During the days of the conflict Chang fought bravely and was declared martyred, only to have said to reappear after a very long time to become one of the power-players of Chinese defense.

However, Chang was said to have returned after years to find that his wife and only little son, whom he left in China during the conflict were nowhere to be found. They say that his wife died, and the dead man still walks at night, on the roads of Beijing, looking for his only son; his best friend.


Back to the present, at Chetana’s home:

Welcome son! : Asif returned from his office, and was delighted to see Joy and Diya. : After a year, today I took a week’s off from my busy schedule to spend some time with my daughter and son in law. Stand there, stay there.

Asif placed a camera on the top of the table, ran and stood besides Joy, Chetana, and Diya.

Would you prefer tea or coffee? : Asked Chetana.

Concentrate on the photograph! : Said annoyed Diya, pointing towards the camera. : I’ll prepare whatever they have.

Happy! : Shouted the family and the camera flashed.


Office of R.A.W:

Come and see a CCTV footage. : Said IP3. : You won’t believe your eyes. I want you at the control room, now!

What’s special about the CCTV videos? : Asked IP5, as the two of them ran towards the control room.

It shows a translucent humanoid walking out of the restricted area. : Said IP3.

So are you trying to tell me that something invisible carried the document out of our premises? : Asked IP5, while they stood in front of the monitors showing the translucent humanoid, looking for something inside the restricted area.

There, see, the document is flying. : Said excited IP3, as IP5 stood there with his mouth wide open. : Now wait. The slow motion shows that thing, whatever it is. There, see, it picked the document up. See, can you see that ghost out there? It’s a humanoid.

We need to inform Asif sir. : IP5 took his cell phone out. : It’s not a child’s play anymore.


Hasan’s office:

Joel called me up. : Said Leon. : He asked me to follow your orders. He said it would proceed as per the plans that you have bought from the Icon. There’s a mission related to ‘Nuclear Fuel’, however there’s a small operation left prior to the mission. Please elaborate.

We are a manufacturer of corporate inverters and need a few orders to stay in the business. : Hasan looked eager to get the approvals for the prospect orders. : I need major power-failures at the ‘InfoTech Hub’ at regular intervals. However, due to the existing capacity of their power storage, that’s not possible. So we need to create some demand for backup inverters. My men will drop you at the inverter power station for you to take over. I want absolute power failures at the ‘InfoTech Hub’.


‘InfoTech Hub’:

There was a movie being shot at the ‘InfoTech Hub’ in Delhi.

Who’s coming? A curious guy asked the assistant director.

Why do they keep asking the same thing? : Shouted the assistant director. I don’t know. They don’t pay me to answer you. Jaa bey (Get Lost)!

Leon pressed a button on his ‘Invisibility Suit’ and became invisible. Then he went inside the control room of the inverter power station, walked towards a metal-lever and pulled it. Lights went off, but they came back.

I pulled the wrong lever. : He said to himself. : That other one is the one, most probably!

As soon as Leon pulled the other lever, the lights went tremendously brighter.

Okay, this controls the voltage. : He nodded. : So, this third one should be it.

Leon pulled the third lever. This time the power went off.

Effect of Leon’s misdeeds on the shoot…

We named it the ‘Flying French-Kiss Take’. : The choreographer informed the hero. : You need to stand on this green metallic cube and there’s that crane, running with the help of the power of the adjacent power station that will pull the metallic-cube up. We’ll make the cube disappear using C.G.I tech, eventually giving our audience an impression that you were flying to kiss the love of your life. The female actor will be standing on that balcony. You’ll fly, kiss her, and that’s it. The ‘Flying French-Kiss Take’!

Action! : Said the director.

Yanna rascala! : Rojoni, the superstar hero of Tollywood, was more that eager to jump. :  My hairstyle? A ‘Peacock’s Tail’!

Suddenly there was a power-failure.

What did just happen? : Thought the crane driver, as he bluntly revolved the knob that increases the speed of the crane. : Why isn’t this thing working?

That is when the power returned with a higher voltage. The fuse sparked and the metallic-cube electrocuted Rojoni. Rojoni’s hairs fired themselves all around like the bullets of a machine gun. Thereafter Rojoni was thrown up in the air due to the increased speed of the crane. He kissed the actress on his way and the two electrocuted lip-locked actors disappeared in the sky.

We move on to the Commonwealth games to know about what happened to Rojonikanto. There, two people are standing on the two daises for the best high jump and the best long jump. They are none other than Rojoni and the love of his life (Ahem, That’s In Cinema).


Hasan’s contract:

We are getting into a contract with you. : Said the representative of the InfoTech Hub. We want to get your inverters installed here. The ones we have are not working the way we had expected, or probably need a backup.

Smooth! : Hasan looked more than satisfied. : Cheers!


Chetana’s home:

Papa. : Diya walked inside Asif’s room. : Here’s tea.

Diya was about to leave.

Diya. : Said Asif. : I don’t know if I should be asking. You are more than happy with Joy, aren’t you?

Yes! : Diya sounded confident. : He is a very kind person, loves me a lot, but he is too possessive and there’s someone else who loves me more than him. Someone I love more than him!

What? : Asif was about to fall down from his chair. : Who?

You! : Diya started laughing.

What a bad girl you are! : Said Asif, as Joy came in. : Have a seat Joy. Let’s chat with someone smart enough. Tell me what are you up to?

Diya’s face turned red in anger, while Joy tried to control his laughter.

I have invented a machine that can track the thermo-sensitivity of an object. : Said Joy, as he passed the gadget on to his father-in-law. : Here. It’s a gift for you. It’s just like spectacles. You may wear it and measure the heat that is present in an object to 100% accuracy of the temperature of the actual object. It might be of help to R.A.W.

Thanks. : Said Asif. : Won’t need to shop a gadget when your son-in-law is an invention machine. Where are you going?

I’ll be back in ten minutes. : Said Joy. : Need to deliver a gadget like that to one of my clients.

I want to go to shopping. : Said Diya.

Diya, you are not going alone. : Joy was back to his possessive behaviour. It sounded like an order. : Once I come back, we’ll go together.

Ahem, do you still have that camera I gave you Joy? : Asif smiled and tried to divert the attention; while Diya’s angry face looked like a tomato. : Diya, I need to go to office today. IP5 spoke of some sort of a supernatural entity walking around our office. It’s something invisible, but don’t ask me further because I have no clue about what IP5 was talking about. See the two of you in the evening. Chetana will also be back by that time.


Office of National FM:

Did you hear the news? : Chetana was packing her bags to depart home when Paras walked to her.

What news? : Asked Chetana.

Someone blew up the house of Justice Kumar. : Said Paras. : He and his family members were killed in the incident.

Oh my God. : Chetana was more than shocked. : Did the police find the culprit?

No but they say he had some sort of a tussle with famous industrialist Mr. Hasan Hasan. : Said Paras. : However, going by their investigation, the police have denied any association of Mr. Hasan with the unfortunate incident.

I need to talk to IP7. : Chetana stood up. : The police are corrupt, and Hasan is someone totally capable of doing something as slimy as that. It’s in the gunk of his nature.


The pending investigation:

I understand that you have tried your best to find the culprits and I am not here to intervene. : IP7 was having a word with a police inspector who was in charge of the investigation related to the case of Justice Kumar. : That’s not my job. However, I would like to see the proofs that prove that Hasan was not involved in the incident.

It’s not because we have proofs of his non-involvement that we considered him to be innocent. : The police inspector smiled, looking shrewd. : It’s because we have no proofs with regards to his involvement, that we considered him to be innocent!

I see. : Said IP7. : If you have any updates for me in the future, please let me know. May I have your phone number?

IP7 walked out of the police station and called IP6.

I want you to tap a particular number. : Said IP7. : Be very careful because it belongs to a police inspector. I want all the details about his upcoming calls starting as of now.

Chetana and Paras were listening to a phone call made by the inspector. IP7 had sent it to them and warned them not to share it with anyone.

Please be very careful Mr. Hasan. : Said the Inspector. : The Research and Analysis wing is intervening into our investigations about the case of Justice Kumar.

As perceived. : Chetana looked more than determined. : Now Hasan will come after us and we’ll be waiting.


At Hasan’s office:

Leon, there’s a little job that’s slightly out of the track planned by the Icon. : Said Hasan. : I’ll pay you personally for the job. It’s a hefty sum of money. All that you need to do is go invisible and place a small microphone inside the house of a R.A.W officer named Asif Nazim. I’m sure he is the one who is poking his nose into my affairs. I need to know his plans.

Hasan’s phone rang. It was someone from the court. The person informed Hasan that the new Justice, who was appointed in the place of Justice Kumar, had passed a verdict in Hasan’s favour.

The very next day at a press-conference in Delhi:

Your innocence has been proven in the court of law. : Said a journalist from ‘Hasan’s Media House’. : Would you like to say something?

Yes. : Said Hasan : Should I face the camera or be facing you? You? Great. Thanks to the courts in India, the verdict always goes in favour of the innocent people like me. Thank you India!

Excuse me Mr. Hasan. : Said Paras, a representative of National FM. : We would like to take an interview to be broadcasted on National FM. Our program is known as ‘Celebrity’s Den’. Need an appointment.

Please have a word with my secretary. : Hasan boarded his car. : I’m in a bit of a hurry.


A day later:

Chetana had gone to her office. Joy came back after meeting his colleague and saw a man in Diya’s room who was standing just behind her. He ran to her room, but she was alone. Everything including the thermo sensor glasses was there.

Who is he? : Asked Joy. : Where is he?

Who? : Asked Diya.

I’m talking about the man who was here with you. : Said Joy.

No. : Said Diya. : No one was here.

I am not blind. : Said Joy. : Where’s he hiding?

Joy. : Diya lost her patience. : Behave yourself. You are talking rubbish. Don’t forget that you are standing in the house of a respected person.

Okay. : Said Joy. : Am I not a respected person? You are straight facedly lying to me and am I the one who should behave? Do hell with your father’s house. I’ll stay at a hotel tonight and go back to Bangalore by tomorrow.

Over possessive Joy banged the door and left.

Diya was terribly hurt. She started crying. The chip inside her head activated, and the metal utensils got lifted in air and got banged on the basin.

He went to a hotel. : Said Diya, crying.

But why on earth? : Chetana was astonished.


Hasan’s office:

I have been listening to the conversations between Chetana and Diya. : Said Hasan. : What was wrong with Asif’s son-in-law?

Her husband saw me in her room. : Said Leon. : Hope he does not recognize me in the future.

He won’t get the time. : Hasan started laughing. : It’s time for the big job. It’s related to a new type of ‘Nuclear Fuel’ developed by a support organization of ISRO and CNES. You need to go inside the top security zone of the project that’s being run by ‘Indian Space Research Organization’ and ‘The National Centre for Space Studies’. The support organization has been researching over an artificially developed radioactive material that will act as the nuclear fuel for their upcoming journey to Pluto. Combined with supportive cryogenics, it will act as the backbone of the project called Yamyaan or ‘Man on Pluto’. The radioactive material is far better than any ‘Fuelling Mechanism’ based on U-235 or U-238 (Plutonium). There’s only a small sample of it kept inside a sealed chamber. It’s here for a day, and that’s it. We need to get it and send it to Icon for him to assure that we get a fair price in the International Market. Of course by fair price he meant – ‘An Unimaginable Price’.

I got it. : Said Leon. As usual he looked absent minded, as scientists usually are. : Joel has sent me a ‘Laser Gun’ that works without bullets and maintains absolute silence. Just in case…


Conversation between Asif and Joy:

But why won’t you come back? : Asked Asif. : Listen to me Joy, I’m at my office. I’m after… you won’t believe this, but something invisible. Why would you stay in a hotel?

Please ask Diya. : Said Joy, as he hung up.

A car came and stopped at a busy road outside Delhi. The door opened and shut. Do you have the Swipe Card that I got for you? : Asked Hasan and Leon nodded looking absent-minded. : Go, get it for us.

A man in the mob, who was hit by something invisible, shouted. : Hey, who?

Sorry. : Replied a voice that came from something invisible.


A team-meeting:

What could Hasan be planning? : Asked IP4. : Not something like charging a nuke I hope. That was Malik’s department.

Nope. : Said IP6. : Doesn’t make sense. That’s not Hasan’s cup of tea. He is after something else.

How about attacking the Parliament? :  Asked IP9.

But that’s a useless building. : IP2 had to disagree. :  No one attacks it.

Everyone turned towards IP2, staring at him with eyes as big as coconuts.


 At a hotel in Delhi:

 Joy was feeling restless after disconnecting the call. So he came out of the hotel and started walking while thinking who the person inside Diya’s room could be. He walked down the street near ‘Lok Nayak Bhavan’ and took a bus to meet a client staying at the outskirts of Delhi. The moment he stepped down from the bus, he suddenly felt that someone invisible had hit him. He could swear that he heard a voice saying – “Sorry”, but there was no one around. Something or someone had just passed by without registering his eyes. There were electric flashes inside Joy’s head. Asif’s words came back to him – “… after something invisible”.

My thermal sensor spectacles could track that creature. : He shouted to himself. :  I need to inform them that I felt the presence of that creature near… ISRO’s ‘Yamyaan Project’. Fish!


Hasan’s office:

You’ll get an appointment for Wednesday. : Said Hasan’s secretary. : He is a busy man.

I’m okay with it. : Said Paras. : The interview counts. Thanks.


3:10 pm

Joy called me minutes ago! : Asif ran into the team meeting of the IPs. :  The target is ISRO. I need to inform Chetana that Joy is with us, and then we go after that invisible creature, whatever it is.

The IP team got ready for the rapid action attack. IP9 called for armed backup teams.

Chetana. : Asif was talking to Chetana over the call, when he realized that there was an echo. : I want you disconnect the call immediately and check the cables. I think the call is being tapped.

Chetana disconnected the call immediately and checked the cables. Eventually she found the microphone that was placed by Leon, going by the instructions of Hasan.

3:10 pm

I’m inside the project’s premises. : Said Leon, talking to Hasan’s secretary over a secured line. : Had to kill two of the guards.

Good job. : Said Hasan’s secretary.

3:15 pm

Fish! :  Hasan ran to his secretary. :  They know about our plan. I just heard Chetana talking to Asif. They found the microphone that we had placed at their home. We need to arrange for backup forces to cover Leon up. Meanwhile ask him to hurry up and use the laser gun sent by Joel, if needed.

3:20 pm

Thanks to Leon’s suit and the ‘Laser Gun’, 47 guards had fallen. Leon was moving towards the vault. One of the guards lost his nerve and started firing blindly, till the time a gun appeared and flashed in order to ensure that the guard slept permanently.

3:30 pm

The IP Team, accompanied by the backup ‘Rapid Action Force’ was almost there; when a truck full of Hasan’s armed men blocked their way. Bullets started drizzling all around. Thankfully it was not a busy area at the outskirts of Delhi. The drizzle converted into heavy showers of bullets.

Keep them busy. :  Said Asif to the ‘Rapid Action Force’, as he and his team took another route towards the zone.

3:45 pm

Leon was cutting the vault to access the container. The steel vault gave up. Leon took the container and moved towards the passage. That is when he met with Asif’s team. They were coming towards him. He hid the small container and proceeded towards them, absolutely unshaken.

IP7 was hiding behind a wall when he felt severe pain in his head. Someone had hit him with something on his head. Leon was enjoying his power.

IP8 was running towards the vault when someone lifted him up and smashed him on the ground. That was the end of another one-way battle.

3:50 pm

Come out you freak. :  Shouted Asif. : The power of invisibility won’t save you from me.

The entire IP team was down. Suddenly he felt a severe punch on his face. He flew away yards as his gun left him alone.

I could have escaped. :  Said Leon. :  But it was due to you that they shut our experiments down. It’s payback time.

3:55 pm

 Diya and Joy ran inside the main premise. Diya handed the spectacles over to Joy.

4:05 pm

Asif was bleeding. Leon had beaten him mercilessly. This time Leon had lifted the entire door of the vault to hit it on his head. But suddenly the door was not listening to him anymore. It was trying to free itself, resulting in a kind of ‘Tug Of War’.

Diya had to save her father. She had reached the spot and was pulling the door behind with all the might of the chip inside her head. Leon who was now grabbing a pillar, in order to resist the pull of the chip had to eventually give  up as the door freed itself from his strong hold and flew over the top of Diya’s head. Now Diya tried to hit Leon with the door of the vault, but Leon wasn’t to be found. Before Diya could smash the door on his translucent appearance, Leon had moved out of the way, using the tremendous speed that was gifted to him by Icon’s suit. Now it was time for him to strike back at Diya. Diya was lifted in the air and thrown at a wall so rapidly that she lost her senses.

Diya. :  Shouted Joy, as he took the thermo-sensitivity mapping spectacle out of his pocket, ran to Asif, and handed it over to him.

Asif was not being able to move. This time Leon caught Joy by his neck and lifted him up. Asif had to drag himself up, wear the glasses, run towards Leon and punch him to the ground, freeing Joy up, from his grip.

Leon bounced back by grabbing Asif’s neck and saying. – “I have enough power to smash your head with just one punch”.

And a ‘Laser Gun’ that has a fine layer of metal inside to prevent it from melting! :  Said Diya, as she used her magnetic chip to trigger the laser gun that Leon had hidden inside his jacket. The entire jacket caught fire in seconds. Leon threw Asif away, shouted in agony and took off the jacket. This was an opportunity for Asif, who picked up the door of the vault and cracked it straight on Leon’s head. The battle was over.

Outside the main premise the ‘Rapid Action Team’ had taken care of Hasan’s backup team. The injured were taken to the hospital.

Breaking News aired by National FM:

Some terrorists tried to steal a container of ‘Nuclear Fuel’ by entering the premises of an ISRO facility but were resisted by the brave ‘Indian Jawans’, who fought till the end.


5 days later:

Chetana was coming out of the radio station when she saw Mr. Hasan coming towards her.

Once again you failed your team. :  She smiled at him. : You call that a plan? Why don’t you give up?

My plan? :  Hasan smiled back. :  Why don’t you prove it?

What’s there to be scared of? :  Asked Chetana. : You were courageous enough to place the microphone in my house.

And loved it! :  Said Hasan. :  I’ll get Leon and my men out of the jail too. If need compels, one more honest judge will be switched. Don’t worry; I’ll also get my hands on that radioactive stuff. Asif and his men can’t stop me. Please be rest assured Leon won’t utter a word in front of the police. He won’t confess.

But you just did confess all of that right now. :  Chetana made a face. : Stupid you, listen to the FM.

You were listening to our program called “A Confession”. :  Said Paras as the live show aired. : Today I was hosting the program because Chetana was coming live to us with Mr. Hasan, who has just confessed more than he should have. Now it’s up to you to give the final verdict. You are the judge.

I am carrying the microphone. :  Said Chetana. :  The one you placed in my house, the very same one. What you said has been aired. Now take the microphone back. I don’t keep other’s stuff with me. Not even the debts!

Hasan’s phone rang.

There’s almost a curfew in the city. :  The Police Inspector called Hasan and informed him. :  Other radio stations aired the same interview all over India. People are shutting down each and every business associated with your name on it.


Few days later:

We are extraditing Leon over to Swiss officials. : Said IP2, who had recovered a lot.

Good to know. :  Said Asif, who had recovered equally.


At National FM:

I am sorry. :  Said Chetana. :  I had to do it.

Sorry? :  The owner of the radio station was astonished. :  For what? It’s leading to unprecedented popularity of our radio station. Thanks to you. Your program will now be sponsored by ‘Beat Him Up’ footwear.


Joy and Diya were sitting at a park in New Delhi.

I am terribly sorry for what happened. : Joy repented.

As usual! :  Said Diya :  It’s alright. Let’s go home.

No, I am sorry. Trust me! :  Joy repeated, and it sounded like an order. Diya smiled.


Back to square one:

IP7 was inside a cab to the airport. They were sending the bachelor back to Beijing, on his usual job of intelligence. He saw a shop that used to sell ‘Hasan’s Metal Goods’. After a massacre by the mob that gave him the final verdict, the billboard said – ‘s Metal Goods, and the word ‘Hasan’ had gone missing.

What’s in a name? :  He said to himself. : Let it be ‘Moron’s Metal Goods’!


Someone, coming soon enough:

A pair of hands was holding a photograph of a Chinese lady and a little boy. The photograph was labeled – Juan and Heng, the beloved family of Jianjun.

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