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Mahishasura Mardini

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Narayana Feature Image

In Hinduism – Vishnu, sometimes referred to as Narayana (Preserver of the Worlds) is considered to be the God of Preservation (Palan-Kartaa), of Protection (Raksha-Karta) and of Righteousness (Dharma-Sansthaapak). In Vaishnavism that embraces the largest section of followers of Hinduism, he is considered to be Brahman or Adwaita, the supreme, non-dualistic and formless entity (Niraakar-Nirguna) …

Ganesha Feature Image

Umaputra, part of an incomparable family. In the Puranas, ‘Himalaya’ is considered to be a ‘King’. His wife’s name is said to be ‘Menaka’ and they had a daughter named ‘Parvati’ (Daughter of Mountain) or Uma (Bright or Night).  Parvati was considered to be the embodiment of ‘Durga’ along with being  the reincarnation of Dakshayani …

Mahishasura Mardini Feature Image

The story of Devi Durga, the way it has been presented in various scriptures including the descriptions in ‘Markandeya Purana’, the very least to say, is more than the word ‘interesting’. Time and again, religious, religion based and analytical researches have tried to explore the roots of its feminist philosophy. Here, we are merely trying …