12/12/2012 (You asked for a date).

Something capable of taking down an F-22 Raptor.

Nothing’s working. : Shouted the pilot of the F-22 Raptor. : Electromagnetic interference. Missiles are auto-locked… but mechanical failure. They are using the ‘Devil’s Instrument’ against us… whatever it is. Their jet’s leaving towards… Indian subcontinent… It’s… towards…

The pilot of the F-22 Raptor ejected out and the fighter jet was lost forever.

Puchku 1 Feature Image

13/13/2013 (I said do not bother about the date).

Master’s Team- We are inside the headquarters of ‘Intelligence Process’’ a ‘Special Task Force of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)’, India.  We are listening to a speech from head of a ten-member special force, known as the Intelligence Process, the I.P Team, or the IPs.

IP-H or the IP Head’s Speech: In the year 1990, the Central Intelligence Agency took up an initiative, in form of a project, in order to denuclearize some of its greatest competitors, because the nuke contest was creating a queue of superpowers. It was the most ambitious project in the field of biotech and robotic weaponry and they created some kind of a blue print to create a bio-robotic monster. They called it – the ‘Push-Queue’ project or as defined even more precisely at a later point of time – a ‘Programmable and Untraceable Cloned Hybrid Kinect Weapon’.  The word ‘Kinect’ implies that it had something to do with Motion Sensing. The important part is, this particular instrument, whatever it looks like, could permanently diffuse a Deployed/Not-Deployed nuke in such a way, that the warhead could never be used as a weapon ever again in the future and as for the recoverable plutonium the only utilization left would come through the humongous expenses of recycling it to a completely new warhead. The P.U.C.H.K.W was some sort of an experiment with Mechanical Waves that can affect the apparatus that triggers the nuke, during let’s say a so called ‘probable second use’ by a nation like India. The problem with these waves is that though eventually it acts in form of a mechanical wave to affect the warhead, unlike mechanical waves like seismic waves, ocean waves, or rather sound waves, the initiation of these radio waveform based attacks are based on its conversion from an electromagnetic source. Keeping it concise, the source-waves based on electromagnetism do not need a medium to travel and can penetrate even through the best of vacuum-based shields that we may come up with, in order to defend the arsenal. Luckily enough, during the nineties, the senate had revolted against the project, considering its by-product to become an even deadlier alternative to nuclear weapons and the United States had to dump the futuristic initiative.

Due to some technical intricacies like the magnified effect of a reverberation during the mechanical-influence of the converted electromagnetic waves, which may lead to undesired effects on a deployed warhead, to an extent of a disaster, they had labeled the project as the project to create a Devil’s-Instrument.

IP-H ended his speech.

Now… : ‘IP1’ the second in command of the IP team, took over.  : We are discussing this because as per our latest intelligence reports, a secret and unauthorized laboratory located in China, has been working over a similar project, in order to create an exact replica of the so called Devil’s-Instrument and somehow one of their intelligence agencies have cracked into the actual project files in United States. As per our records, one of the prototypes of the bio-robotic or whatever instrument they created, have crossed our borders and unfortunately we have no idea as to what it looks like or how to track it. I am about to start investigating over the project, soon. IP2 would accompany me i.e. code name IP1. As for IP3, IP4, IP5, IP6, IP8 and IP9, as usual, they’ll wait for my ‘alert orders’, to initiate action as demanded by the situation. IP7 who’s in China, is to report to us of his findings within twenty-four hours.


India – Kolkata – 108.9 FM. Name of the Station – Radio Rock On. A show hosted by Chetana Gowda was being aired!

Problems, problems and more problems. Don’t we have them all around us? : Asked the Radio Jockey. : My landlord threatens me to pay a higher rent (prefers talking in present tense). I have a mother who’s severely ill to an extent that the doctors have given up all hopes. I go to the hospital and there is this bunch of hooligans who prefer to politely ask me – “Which way sweetheart”? I put my complaint to the police and they ask me “Do you know his father’s name”? I mean, come on what’s in a name? They are bothering me. I am on my way back home and on the way a passenger in the bus pushes me here and there quite deliberately. I can’t complain because I don’t know his father’s name. On my way back home I meet Ashish-da (brother), who is a traffic sergeant and got beaten up, just because he tried to stop a car that had run-over an elderly person. Possibly the elderly person and Ashish-da did not have a father, while the driver did. While entering my house I have a word with Miss. Andrews who runs an orphanage and has been receiving threats from a powerful promoting agency, to vacate the place… and etc… Do you face the same problems? Tell us about your experiences. Our telephone lines are open. This is RJ-Chetana, waiting for your calls on your favorite show, ‘Imagine Your World’ and the next song comes from the legend himself.  A Tagore song, maybe…

Chetana’s cellphone rang. It was a voice message that said “Hi Chetana, this is Miss. Andrews, I hope the voice message isn’t disturbing you during your busy schedule. I had gone to the hospital to see your mother. The doctors assured me that they are trying their best. I have cooked some dinner for you dear. I know that you’d be late. Please make sure that you collect the lunch-box before you head towards your apartment”.

Thanks to my elderly angel. : Chetana tried to smile.


An orphan waiting for her local-guardian.

In the middle of the night, Chetana was sitting inside the office-cab, speeding towards her apartment in Kolkata.

The cab-drop facility is one of the biggest advantages of the job. : Thought Chetana. : However listening to so many problems, wasn’t an easy job. What has gone into this society? Everyone is acting like an inhuman.

The cab was running on the highway when the driver had to brake all of a sudden due to a shout from Chetana : “Hey, the child is sitting on the middle of the road. Who left her there? Please stop the car”.

I have strict instructions not to let you down maam. : Said the driver. : There isn’t an escort. It could be a trap. Don’t make me pull over.

Chetana simply ignored the driver’s alarm, stepped down from her car and ran towards the child. There were dogs surrounding the baby, who was sitting at the middle of the highway, while they barked madly at her. Chetana drove the dogs away and picked the baby up. It was a four or five year old girl-child. To Chetana,  her facial features resembled to children from Nepal.

Where are your parents? : Asked Chetana.

In reply, the little girl smiled. It seemed to be the sweetest of smiles, Chetana had ever spectated.

Aww! : Thought Chetana. : Maybe she can’t talk. Poor her! Who could leave such a sweet thing on the streets? It shows our moral standards!

I can’t take the child in my car. : Confrmed the driver. : It could result in a police case.

Are you a human being? : Now Chetana was angry. She kept the baby down on the highway, only to prompt the start of big fight with the driver. : Do you know that we have a Miss. Andrews, who…

The child was happily returning back to the dogs. She seemed to have expected the kind of behavior she was getting from the driver. It was probably the kind of behavior that she was used to.

Puchku, come here! : Ordered the exception called ‘Chetana’, as the baby turned back, decided to follow her order and silently walked back to her.

Puchku or whatever, I think she recognized that name. She must be familiar to it. : Said the driver, trying to perceive, what he had just witnessed.

You shut up! : Bawled Chetana. : Here, I get inside this cab with my baby on my lap. Now drive or I’ll call my office and complain to the higher authorities. She must be hungry. Am I right Puchku?

The little child nodded and came up with the sweetest smile Chetana had seen in days. The driver of the cab stood there for a moment, got back to his seat and started driving while babbling in agony.

I stay alone. : Whispered Chetana in the ears of her new friend. : Will you be my friend?

Ashish had a tiring day. Being a traffic police isn’t as easy, as it seems. Moreover today was the ‘vehicle speed-test day’. He had been testing vehicles after vehicles with that thing that looks like a gun. He saw a cab coming.

Ah : He thought. : It must be Chetana’s cab.

And so it was! Chetana smiled and waved. Ashish smiled and showed her the ‘laser speed gun’, while he pressed the trigger button, just for the fun part of it. The cab passed. Ashish looked at the device and died laughing. He must be hallucinating, or had the device lost its brain. The silly device said – 3000 Kilometer /Hour. A little head came out of Chetana’s cab, saw the face of the confused traffic guard, smiled and went back inside the car. She had had her fun part of it!


 A reporter from Beijing – Introduction of IP7.

Sir, the P.U.C.H.K.W is one of the most peculiar, advanced and dangerous short-range weapon. : Shouted IP7 over the secured-line phone-call from Beijing to India. : They had spent billions over the first prototype. The C.I.A and the N.A.T.O have put a diplomatic pressure over the Chinese government in order to track the initiatives of the privately held agency that came up with the prototype. They are shutting down the mainframe center of the project. The agency is referred  by the code name – “Magnetic Sects”.

And what about that first and only prototype that’s inside our borders? : Asked the officer – IP1 : How do we track it? What does the instrument look like?

Till the time we get an access to their papers, we absolutely would have no clue as to what the stuff looks like, but it is so powerful that it can diffuse a nuke and probably it has been transported to one of our nuclear facilities. : Said IP7. : All that we know of it is that, the bio-robotic weapon has a voice recognition system that works only if it gets the password and motion based instructions. Now all we can do is pray that the agent doesn’t activate the thing. The worst part is that even the Chinese Intelligence has lost all tracks of the entire fleet that’s suspected to be carrying the instrument and if that superpower… the device or whatever it is, is being operated by orders from someone at Magnetic-Sects, our defense line would be gone for a toss.

Okay. Relax! : IP1 seemed to be more than tensed. : Straight to the point – How do we track the thing?

It has a very strong magnetic field. : For a change, IP7 sounded definite. : Only clue.

But, but, even if we find it, what would be the password to deactivate the weapon? : Asked IP1, showing some impatience. : That ‘Voice Response Unit’ thing that passes orders to the devil, monster or whatever. How does it work?

The password is nothing but a short-form of – Programmable and Untraceable Cloned Hybrid Kinect Weapon. : Confirmed IP7. : There’s a static over the secured line sir. I can’t hear you.

Same here, but let’s try and finish the conversation because the call is getting recorded. Short-form of – Programmable and Untraceable Cloned Hybrid Kinect Weapon, is that what you said? That’s P.U.C.H.K.W. How do you pronounce it? Phew, Chekew, or Push-queue? : IP1 tried to pronounce it. : IP2, please make a note of the password. It’s Push-Q and a very strong magnetic field around that instrument.

No sir, you couldn’t come up with the pronunciation. : IP7 started laughing. : There’s a chi touch you need in order to activate the thing to take orders. It’s pronounced as – ‘Puch-Q’.


A Defense-Secretary and the queries of IP1.

This is inexpiable. Do you mean to say, that we are planning to kill a child, in order to protect a nuke? I mean, that sounds insane. : IP1 stared straight at the Secretary of Defense, sitting on a chair in front of him, at his office.

Totally insane! : The Secretary expressed his disgust. : Just in case if you have a better idea, than the Chinese delegation, sitting on the top of my head. It’s their idea. The team of agents who belonged to the Magnetic Sects and now banned in China, are said to have lost her somewhere in Kolkata.

Unfortunately at this point I don’t have any idea regards to the situation. : IP1 confessed. : I’m still not sure as to what that weapon looks like. She can’t look like an ordinary girl-child, can she?

It was an inhuman experiment on part of the Illegal laboratory that belonged to the organization. : The Secretary of Defense stared blankly at IP1. : The reason why they had shut it down in U.S and the reason why the Chinese government was forced to admit, under international pressure, that the agency was carrying the project, without a license from the government and that the project has been forced to shut down. Any country in the world that comes up with this sort of a research will make enemies all over the world, including diplomatic and intellectual criticism of the highest order. Okay, here’s the complete picture. During the nineties, some of the branches of science actually saw a level of innovation in the U.S militia that was unimaginable. It included technologies like the transistor tech, atomic research, missile tech, genetic tech, electromagnetism, etc. Since the arms race was growing to a great extent, various branches of scientists came together, in order to create the blueprint of one of the most ambitious projects ever. They created a device in the shape of a chip that can use itself as an electromagnet, simply to shut down the triggering process of any missile in the world, diffusing it forever. However it had to happen before the chain reaction could take place. Now, a chip, that powerful, can obviously shut down other mechanical devices as well. It can attract any substance that’s prone to magnetism and questions remained about the ethical application of such device. Obviously till the time you have attained the level of a diplomatic insanity, you would not fire them all over the world. Someone has to carry the thing and I won’t trust my father with such a dangerous weapon. Even I have my nuclear bases. What if the tech gets cracked and is replicated by some other country? So, they came up with the idea of a cloned child, or a lab-baby, that would have the chip integrated in its brain like a body-part. The plan was that once the child had performed his/her job, the device would be remotely destructed, thereby killing the child.

Mind blowing! : Said IP1. : But how could the child understand their orders? How do they train the child? They said there’s a voice response unit.

Great question but let me first complete the story. : Said the Secretary. : Every child has an instinct of breaking his/her toys, if you could get him/her excited enough. They planned to train the child in such a way that when they would point towards a particular device and say a particular word, the child would feel threatened from it and will use the chip inside to shut it down. The code word would act like a Voice Response Unit and the child was expected to react to it due to inherent Motion-Sensing abilities that he/she was born with.

A full proof plan! : IP1 tried to smile. : They had certain amazing brains, planning it for them!

Absolutely not! : The Secretary stood up and had a glass of water. : The plan was an absolute bullshit. Why? Because in case the remote-destruct fails, you would have created a monster. Something that happened to the prototype of Magnetic Sects, a female child, who is alive due to a remote failure and you would need to find and kill the poor soul. She is a child who will grow like any other child, while learn about an inferior race called ‘Humans’. She’ll have a personality, a viewpoint and a sense of right and wrong. The child is not a remotely controlled object my friend. Every child is a programmable instrument and it all depends on who is programming it!


Heading towards the City of Joy – A flight about to take-off.

IP9, I want you to be the communicator between our team and the Head of R.A.W. :  Said IP1, over the cellphone, immediately before he were to be instructed by the flight’s crew to switch it off. : Please watch our back, while standing in front of our lord, IP-H the magnificent.

Order copied. : Said IP9. : Of-course other than the last part of it, that I could not hear.

I love my agent. : Said IP1. : She is the sharpest of the team.

Who? Suzanne? : Asked IP2, smiling. : I hope Paul spares you for saying that. The IP5 is as proud a husband, as it gets.

Ahem. Please comply with the protocol. : IP1 smiled back. : We do not take names!

The flight took off.


Miss. Andrews’ orphanage.

Next morning Chetana took Puchku along with her to Miss Andrews’ orphanage. She were supposed to return the lunch-box, that she had collected the night prior.

Puchku was amazed to see so many children together, inside that little orphanage. It was like a secret tree to her, a tree full of unknown birds who were supposed to be her friends.

Hmmm! : Puchku nodded her head, like a professor.

Aww! : Miss. Andrews, the elderly lady, seemed to be more than pleased. : What a sweet angel she is! Last night I didn’t notice her because she was hiding behind you. Who is she?

I have got a lot of sweets for the children and this sweeter thing for free. : Chetana had to explain the situation. : You may call her ‘sis’.

We will! : Priya, a permanent and sweet resident of the institution, smiled and embraced her little friend.

Did you consult with the police about her? : Asked Miss. Andrews.

Yups. : Said Chetana. : There are no police records, so they were hardly bothered. They took a general diary and sarcastically said “please keep the change”.

What a silly way of talking! These people… : Miss. Andrews looked more than offended.

Didi-didi (elder sister), can we play with her? : Asked Priya.

Later dear. : Miss. Andrews smiled. : We need to go to the hospital to see Chetana’s mother.

After which I also need to go to the Radio-Station. : Chetana smiled, though she was tired. : Tomorrow is an off day and I’ll bring Puchku along with me.

Three of them came out of the orphanage and headed towards the hospital.

Is she whispering? : Chetana seemed a bit surprised. : All this while she had remained silent. Yes, she is saying something. She’s saying ‘dhi-dhi’.

Oh my God. : Miss. Andrews started laughing. : She has learnt the word ‘didi’ (elder sister).


Hooligans for breakfast.

We are lucky, to have a place to sit near this hospital. : Rocky laughed silly.

What a lovely hospital Rocky! : Sujoy sounded sarcastic. : There’s always someone lovely, accompanying the half-dead patient.

Absolutely! : Said Rocky. : All five of us are extremely lucky. Hey, see there, that girl, isn’t she the one who went to the police station. Remember, our dearest police-officer aka reporter had reported it, when we were sharing a drink with him last evening. Come; let’s tell her what the consequences of her social service could be.

Hello sweetheart! : Said Sujoy, to Chetana. : Is your dear oldie mother alive or did she pass-away?

Chetana remained silent. She was breathing fumes. These were the hooligans that she had been talking about, in her show.

How rude is that! : Said Miss. Andrews. : Behave yourself.

Shut up you half dead old moron! : Shouted Ravi, the third one, while all five of them stood surrounding the three of them.

You had to go to the police, am I correct? Well, unfortunately, they love us, because one of our friends is a bribed senior official. : Claimed Sujoy.  : Even they don’t dare to bother us. Even if we throw a small bottle of acid on your face, they would hardly bother about such petty incidents.

Sujoy, please don’t talk to her like that. : Said Rocky. : She’s our sweetheart! She won’t do something like that ever again.

Be afraid of God. : Said Miss. Andrews. : He sees what you and your friends are doing or intend to do.

And in front of the great God, I’ll grab you by your neck till you stop breathing and then put you inside a septic tank for the finalized and fun sort of a sacrificial ritual. : Sujoy laughed shamelessly. : And tell this Lady-God of yours, who is standing beside you, to remain silent for the rest of her life and listen to what we teach her.

Let’s move. : Chetana couldn’t bear it anymore. Probably a due fever was about to overcome her patience. : There’s no point in you getting insulted while defending me. The law of the land is not on our side. Come Puchku.

Chetana disliked talking slangs, but for her, ‘today’ wasn’t one of those usual days of utmost dignity. So as the three oppressed creatures, started walking, Chetana said something, that proved how tensed and exhausted, she was.

These a**holes needed to be screwed up. : She said.

Now that was an order for the little girl Chetana was dragging beside her, because she took her name and the so called ‘Puchku’ had been trained to follow an order in its literal sense. So she started helplessly scratching her head, while scanning the streets around her, looking for a screw that she could find, in order to squeeze it inside the destination, as desired by ‘Dhi-Dhi’. The electromagnet inside her head activated.

Dhi-Dhi. : She whispered again.

There was an electrician working at the corner of the street, with a box full of screws. Suddenly, guided by the electromagnet, inside the child’s head, five of the screws woke up, jumped in the air and fired themselves towards their respective targets. Before entering the hospital Chetana could hear the merry band, unfortunately, ‘for the last time’.

You were right Rocky. We are extremely lucky to be able to sit near this hospital! : They yelled. : God tussi great ho! (God, You are great). Aaaaaaa… (Guided-Screws on target).

Why are they screaming? : Asked Miss. Andrews.

I’ve no idea. : Said sickened and exhausted Chetana, as they entered the hospital. : Let’s ignore.


Incidents about to collide.

This case is becoming a pain. : Said IP1, as he and IP2 drove an official SUV towards a hospital. : Literally, an unbearable pain in the wrong place.

I agree sir. : Said IP2. : The word is ‘literally’!

They reached the same hospital that Chetana was in. They came out of the SUV, entered the hospital and approached a cabin inside which they were supposed to meet and interrogate the Chinese secret agent, who was said to have brought the Devil’s-Instrument to India. During the interrogation the agent of Magnetic Sects claimed that their team was attacked by another team and they shot him on his right shoulder.

What had exactly happened? : Asked IP1, the leader of the IP team.

The Chinese agent admitted in the hospital could hardly speak, but he had to narrate.

We were in a car, on our way towards the targeted nuke base, unarmed. We entered the city at night, in order to pass through it, but suddenly an unknown fleet of armed men attacked us. They weren’t Indians. The team was heavily armed with Ak-47. They had set a trap for our vehicle and kept following. We didn’t even get the time to command the electromagnetic weapon. Amidst them showering bullets at us, us trying to escape and their SUV chasing ours, she fell down from the car somewhere along the highway, completely unnoticed. Eventually their SUV overtook ours and here I am, shot.

And what’s your name? : Asked the subordinate – IP2, as IP1 turned back and stared at him. Reason for the stare – Stupidity!

I meant, just for our records. : Said IP2. : Since I need to maintain the records for the team. Only reason why!

Outside the cabin Chetana talking to a doctor. Miss. Andrews and the little girl were waiting in the lobby.

Tell me my child… : Miss. Andrews smiled as Puchku was aimlessly roaming here and there : Are you feeling hungry?

Angly? : The little girl smiled. : Ayeed, schoo, ash whole!

Acid? Screw? Ash whole? Shuph! : Miss. Andrews went busy with the cutie. : You don’t learn that! You learn flowers. You learn words like ‘Chocolates’. Chetana was stressed, my child. Her maa (mother) is ill. Her mother is dying. Dying is bad, you know what?

The little girl tried to make her little eyes bigger, trying to imitate the expression of Miss. Andrews and trying to assure her that she understood it all.

Dhi dhi. : She said. : Maa… dai bedh. shhupphhh!


Someone not so common.

Outside a court premise in Kolkata, a famous industrialist was about to celebrate his victory.

It’s a corporate win and thanks to everyone who fought for the company. Now that we have the court orders, it’s time to demolish that piece of crap. : Mr. Hasan had to relish this win over the all-powerful orphans, who were the bricks of a different kind of a wall. : John, prepare a few dozers and cranes. Our team will pay a visit to the orphanage tomorrow. My client’s multiplex should replace the orphanage within a time period of one year because it’s time for my client to own, what their company had deserved and been denied for a very long time.

Mr. Hasan’s black Mercedes left towards a place that looked more like a palace than an independent house.


Simultaneously – Inside the hospital.

Sorry to say this, but please be prepared for the worst. : Informed the doctor, to Chetana. : She has been transferred to ventilation.

I’m prepared for the worst. : Said Chetana.

The doctor walked away.


Call from Dubai.

Fish! I knew, we were late, I knew it! : Someone called Malik, the owner of a Dubai based organization, shouted over the phone call. : ISI (Inter Service Intelligence), is going to kill us all. That little child we missed, during our attack over the team of Chinese agents, is going to cost us our lives. I need to talk to Hasan.


Back to the hospital, where two RAW agents came out of a cabin-ward.

I believe our mission has gone for a toss.  : IP2 looked frustrated and clueless. : Finding a child in Kolkata is going to be like climbing Mount Everest without a Sherpa. Where do we find her? Your call!

To start with, we need to locate the place where the child fell down from the car. : Said IP1. : As per the description, it should be somewhere along the specific highway. Someone could have found her. We talk to the authorities of local police stations for any such general diaries. Hey, there’s a police officer. Why is he arguing to the lady? Let’s find out…


Malik’s mission.

Inside a five star hotel in Kolkata, the corporate celebration was still young. There was a huge banner hanging behind Mr. Hasan’s table. It had a smiling face of Mr. Hasan, printed on it that showed him standing in front of his team. The banner said. : ‘Hasan’s Real Estate’.

Thank you. : Said the representative of a non-government organization. : Thanks for donating full-heartedly.

You’re most welcome. : Said Mr. Hasan. : I dislike people who donate half-heartedly. We are aware of our corporate social responsibilities and of the image of our brand. We’ll keep contributing towards this initiative, for providing education to the under-privileged children. Does that conclude the news coverage?

Yes. : Said the cameraman.

We’ll telecast this tonight. : Said the journalist of ‘Hasan’s Media Network’.

One of the two smart-phones that Mr. Hasan had kept on the table started vibrating.

Excuse me. : Said Mr. Hasan, as he took the call. : Yes, tell me John.

We are demolishing the orphanage tonight. : Said John. : It’ll be done at the stroke of midnight, just to avoid any sudden resistance from the mass.

Good job. : Said Hasan. : It’s at the heart of the city. It’s a goldmine.  Please don’t fail me John.

Abaa… Sir…: John hesitated before saying it. : There are more than forty orphans inside. I mean, it’s pretty inhuman to, I mean…

John, always remember the first rule of business. : Hasan’s voice sounded cold. : Feed beggars, to run the business and not the other way round. Get it done tonight, before their lawyer gets a stay order.

The other phone rang.

Hi Hasan, this is Malik. : Said the leader of the Dubai based terrorist organization.

How many times have I told you not to call me on my cellphone? : For the first time, Hasan’s voice trembled. : I don’t want the police to track the call and find out what they have been trying to find about us.

Shut up and listen to me. : Said Malik. : I’ll take care of the rest of it. I’m in Mumbai, would be landing in Kolkata in a few hours and need some information. Please use your media network to get it. This is more important than anything you have ever done for us. Just to ensure, that we keep investing in your worthless chain of business.

Fine. : Said disgusted Hasan. : I’ll send someone.


Hospital incident. A meeting!

The hospital corridor seemed longer than usual. Chetana was crying, as she walked back towards the lobby. She had hoped that her mother would recover, but the doctor confirmed that it was just a matter of 24 hours before the life-support failure would be evident.

Hey, madam. : Chetana saw the Sub-Inspector coming towards her. It was the guy to whom she had reported against the misbehavior of Rocky’s team. He was the bribed reporter of their team.

I came to this hospital to see five of my friends. : Said the guy, with a smile on his face, that showed his mood to play with Chetana for a pastime. : Do you remember those guys, whom you had put a complaint against? They have just been admitted to this hospital. Someone messed with them in some strange ways. However, they are not in the condition to tell the names. I see that you are here too. Now, that gives me a feeling that maybe the incidents are somehow linked.

See. : Said Chetana. : I am a well-known RJ and today I am quite exhausted, I have my mother struggling inside that ward. And I am not at all in a position to waste my time, defending myself.

Happens to the best of us! : The police officer came up with a smile that irritated Chetana. : But that can’t be a reason for me, not having the right to interrogate you.  You need to come with me to the police station.

What’s the matter with you? We have been watching. Why are you bothering her? Please leave her alone. : Said IP1, who had just come out of the cabin, after questioning the agent.

Or what? Do you have a problem idiot? : Shouted the arrogant police officer.

You see, the situation isn’t right for you, Mr. Police Officer. : IP2 tried to control his laughter, watching IP1’s face turn red in anger. : It’s because, there’s an invisible imbalance of power. Maam, if you could please excuse us for a moment.

IP2 took the police officer aside and showed his id.

Now that you know my designation, let me explain this to you. : IP2 smiled. : The guy standing over there is my boss. Compute. Why the much required repetition. There is a major imbalance of power, that you didn’t realize when you abused him. Now, if you don’t start running for your life right now, all that he’ll do is, say ‘poof’ and you’ll end up receiving a ‘permanent suspension letter’ for a change.

Chetana had never seen an Indian police officer run faster than that.

What did the guy tell him? : Asked Chetana.

My name! : Said IP1, as he turned to Chetana. : You don’t seem to be alright. May I drop you somewhere? I’m a government official, so please feel free to let me know.

They came back to the lobby, where Miss. Andrews and Puchku were waiting for them.

Miss. Andrews stood up and walked to Chetana, with an anxious look on her face.

What did the doctor tell you? : Asked Miss. Andrews.

We don’t have more than twenty four hours. : Said Chetana, without an expression on her face. : Miss. Andrews, may the little girl stay with you till I’m back?

Of-course my child, but you don’t seem to be well enough.  : Said Miss. Andrews. : Probably you should get some rest.

I’ll have to go to office. I don’t have any leaves remaining in my kitty. : Chetana smiled exhaustedly.

Don’t worry about Puchku. She’ll be alright and happy playing with the others at the orphanage. : Said Miss. Andrews.

And you don’t worry; we’ll drop her at her office. : Said IP1 with a smile on his face. : No Police-officer is going to bother her for absurd reasons ever again.

Then he saw the little girl standing beside Miss. Andrews and said. : Very sweet child. God bless!

Puchku returned to the orphanage along with Miss. Andrews. After the drop, Chetana entered the studio of the radio-station.

My dear friends…: The show started. : This is your RJ friend Chetana on your favorite show ‘Imagine Your World’. Let us have a new topic to chat. Do you believe in miracles?


Simultaneously – Inside Hasan’s palace.

I have a Dubai based business-partner, who runs a private organization. : Mr. Hasan addressed his subordinates. : He is about to land in Kolkata and to me, he is a V.I.P. So please make sure you pick him up from the airport. His name is Malik. Follow his orders, as if they were mine.


And outside the radio-station the two R.A.W officers sitting in a car.

What should I submit for today’s report? : Asked IP2.

Abey goli maar (Submit anything you want.) : Said IP1. : It’s just a formality.

Hence, IP2’s report said. : 14/14/14 (You asked for the date) – Interrogated Meaninglessly.


Angels chat!

We don’t have big toys. : Said Priya : I have three small toys. One of them is a Jesus. Ashish da gave me the other two. Ashish dada is a traffic police here. He is a very nice person. Do you know what a traffic police is? She took out her book full of alphabets. See here, ‘T’ for traffic police. Remember it my dear sis!

Little captain Priya had no idea; she had just gifted her little sister, the best gift she could have. Imagination!



Late night Chetana came back to the orphanage. It was raining cats and dogs. The walls of the old orphanage leaked.

Stay here tonight. : Said Miss Andrews. : The little thing dozed off.

Chetana watched Puchku sleep. She went close to her and put her palm on her forehead.

To her astonishment the little thing woke up. She had a lot to tell to her dhi-dhi. Chetana smiled after a long time.

Piyaa. : Said Puchku, after an effort to make her eyes bigger. : Piyaa is Aphlabeth! Thee toyish. Dha dha toyish! Die bedh. : She nodded her head like a professor and pointed her finger towards the window behind Chetana, through which, she could see a bulldozer standing outside the orphanage : Die bedh and no big toyish! Only Jeshus!

She looked sad, as midnight shared her feelings, staring at the lonely orphanage, in the city of Kolkata, waiting for the obvious to happen.


A confused director.

On the other side of the road, there stood a little Chinese restaurant where a young director, planning to start a sci-fi Bengali movie, was trying to convince a producer to invest in his movie.

It’s too super for Bong audiences. : Said the knowledgeable producer. : With that kind of a storyline, you would need to invest a lot on special effects. It’s too sci-fi and we need something that we see in our everyday lives. That sort of a story, may look believable, in a Hollywood movie, but isn’t presentable in a Bengali movie. It doesn’t go with the ambiance.


The situation.

There was a queue of bulldozers and cranes standing outside the ‘Miss. Andrews Orphanage’.

Are we ready Mr. Sadhukhan? : Asked John : Who is coordinating this stuff?

That first ‘lok-ta hai’ sir. : Said Mr. Sadhukhan, since he was used to communicate, by means of a unique language called the ‘Hin-Beng-Lish’, that’s neither Hindi nor Bengali or even English. : Pehlaa bulldozer waala lok-taa. The first bulldozer-man.

I hope he is experienced enough. : John seemed concerned.

Experience? Ha ha. : Mr. sadhukhan looked confidently amused. : Arrey, I asked him – “ Ki rey, able to demolish it?” He say – “Yanna rascala, don’t angry me. My bulldozer? An aircraft! I demolish World Trade Centers, mind it!”

That’s impressive. : John looked convinced : What’s his name?

Rojonikanto! : Said Mr. sadhukhan with a smile. : Bollei hobey? Hum jakey takey konodin don’t hire sir! Hulk er father hai. Ektaa otimanob hai sir. A very impotent guy! I mean important. Ek baar khepey gayaa naa toh total future dumped!


The Mega-Mind!

An apartment bedroom: A lady sleeping with her arms embracing a little boy. There was a poster on the wall that said – ‘Gablu’s Bedroom’.

Gablu didn’t want to sleep. Why do mothers force their sons to sleep? He is an eight year old big lad now. : He thought, as he pushed away his mother’s hand, slowly came down his bed and came out of the room to collect the keys of the terrace-door. Then he quietly came out of the apartment and took the lift upstairs to the terrace of the building. At a corner of the terrace, he had his ‘Mega-Mind Kit’ that included a Mega-Mind binocular, a pair of Mega-Mind car and fish toys and a ‘Mega-Mind mask’.

The building where Gablu stays is one of the tallest residential buildings in the city. Every-day he came to the terrace, to see things that happen around.

As usual, he put on his binoculars and tried to see through the night. Suddenly he realized that something was going on in the orphanage right next to their building.

I am Mega-Mind. : He said. : I see lots of Mega-Mind cars down there.

Then he took his pair of ‘Mega-Mind car and fish’ toys and went inside the lift. He banged the two toys one against another and said. : Yups, I am Mega-Mind. Chiki-chiki bang-bang Mega-Mind.



No please don’t! : Old and helpless Miss Andrews came out running, as the bulldozer penetrated through the boundary wall of the orphanage. She had called her lawyer, but the phone kept ringing. She ran here and there, helplessly. There were police officers and musclemen. Everyone who came out to see what went on had gone back inside their safe refuge.

What are you doing? : Shouted Chetana. : It’s an orphanage!

The owners have sold it to us. : Said Hasan’s lawyer. : We have the necessary court orders and you would need to have a stay order, in order to stop it. Alas, that’s not going to happen before tomorrow.


Little programmer!

This is how you do it, I say! : Roared Rojonikanto. : It’s a demo, I say. It’s time to demonstrate real demolition.

The other crane and bulldozer drivers nodded.

Please make it fast. : John wanted it to be done as soon as possible. : Go Rojoni! Cheers!

All the children were taken out of the orphanage, by the police. Every-one including Priya was watching their only shelter, about to be taken away from them forever. The poor children were terrified and crying. Puchku was half asleep trying to understand what was going on.

Stay here with me, my sister. : Said Priya, crying. : Don’t go anywhere. Chetana-didi asked me to take care of you.

Puchku nodded like a professor and suddenly realized that someone else was standing beside her. It was a little boy with a car and a fish toy in his hand, watching everything with his mouth wide open. The boy turned towards Puchku, smiled showing all his teeth and banged the car and the fish toys, to each other.

Wow. : Said the happily mad Mega-Mind, Gablu. : It’s a movie, but it’s no movie. Only Chiki Chiki Bang Bang!

Puchku thought for a moment. She tried to understand, what her new friend tried to communicate. Then she realized that everything that was going on was part of some kind of a super-fun.

Moo-Pie! : She screamed showing all her teeth. : No mind, big toyish? Only Tik-Tiki Bang-Bang!

Puchku? : Asked the boy with a proud smile, who had heard Priya calling her name. : Is that your name? I am Gablu. That’s my apartment. These are my Mega-Mind toys. Will you play with them?

Puchku felt happier; to find the best friend she had met, till date. He took her name too. So she pointed her finger towards the bulldozer and screamed again. : My toyish! Big toyish? Only Tik-Tiki Bang-Bang!


And here we go.

Rojonikanto was about to try his second attempt, to demolish the boundary wall of the orphanage, with everyone in his team cheering for him. He felt brave. But suddenly a miracle happened, as his aircraft-bulldozer jumped in the air and took a 180 degree turn.

Urrishaa! : Shouted Mr. Sadhukhan : What skills!

Holy cow! : Said John.

Ugbhush. : The superstar bulldozer guy helplessly tried to deliver a message to Mr. Sadhukhan. : I didn’t do that I say! It’s the bull…

But it was too late to explain what was going on. The electromagnet inside Puchku’s brain reactivated, as her face turned red. Rojoni’s bull jumped and fired itself like a bullet, towards the bungalow, right in front of it.

Yanna bulldozer rascala! : Rojoni reprimanded the bulldozer.

One blow and the boundary wall gave its way to the massive vehicle. The name-plate flew and fell in front of Hasan’s lawyer. The lawyer picked it up.

It said – Justice A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P.Q Ramaswamy! Then came the second blow from the flying bull. It was the bedroom part of the bungalow. A man dressed in lungi, flew out of the bedroom and landed on the top of a Royal Poinciana tree. A poster on a wall beside the tree said – Lungi Dance!

Proven! : Thundered the voice of a hanging justice. : Hang till death!

Thanks for the permanent stay order. : Said astonished Chetana, staring at Hasan’s lawyer, who was even more astonished.

The bulldozer showed no signs of stopping. It started flying at a tremendous speed eating up everything in its way. Everyone was more than terrified. Now it was their turn. Everyone came out of their houses. The only structures that were untouched were the orphanage and the building where the little boy stayed.

Mass-mess! : Shouted John. : It’s not a bulldozer; it’s a weapon of mass-destruction. They’ll kill us. Run for your lives.

Meanwhile the employees of the Chinese restaurant had come out of their restaurant, with nan-chakus and kukris, in an effort to save their habitat.

Get something big, I say. : Shouted the superstar bulldozer guy. : It’s too small a weapon, for this bull. Stop this rascala.

Aiyaaah! : The Chinese-Defenders came up with their war-cry, before their attack over the bad-bull-bulldozer.

Yannaaa raaa…: Shouted Rojonikanto, as the bulldozer fired itself towards the restaurant, took the Chinese fighters along with it, penetrated the restaurant lobby and almost flew away in the sky banging itself on the ground, at regular intervals. Priya and the other children were rolling on the ground, laughing. Miss. Andrews called them inside the orphanage. Slowly they moved inside. No one stopped them. Hasan’s entire team had escaped. Chetana picked Puchku up and went inside.

The little boy waved his little hands and Puchku waved her in reply, to her new best friend. No mind? : She smiled to herself.  : No mind, big toyish? Only Tik-Tiki Bang-Bang!


Status of the bull.

Did you take a note of the name plate? : Asked the traffic sergeant. : I just felt like something passed by, at a tremendous speed.

It wasn’t a car. : Said haywire Ashish. : It was some kind of a U.F.O. and someone was shouting inside it. I could hear something like ‘Yah Allah’.

A few kilometers apart, the bulldozer stood on the way. There were three Chinese warriors, standing on top of it, showing their nan chaku and kukri skills to two people who were sitting in front of them, on two chairs, watching the circus.

Please continue. : Said the director. : You were saying something about the ambiance.

I’m investing! : Said the confident producer. : Nice demo. However I have a condition. You need to cast these stunning stuntmen and the driver, in our movie. What’s the name of this extra-terrestrial driver?

Rascalla! : Said disgusted Rojoni.

Great! : The impressed producer nodded. : We need Rascala! He is an amazing entertainer. In fact we need more rascalas to entertain our target audience. The gyani (knowledgeable) producer continued.

I love it! : Said the director. : Time for some real duronto-uronto (amazingly flying) movie!


Angel’s new dress.

Doesn’t she have any other dress? : Asked Priya, pointing her finger towards Puchku.

I know! : Said Chetana. : She has been wearing this red dress since she came to us. Let’s buy her a new dress before we go to the hospital.

I’ll come with you. : Said Priya, feeling happy for her sister.

Three of them were walking on the road, when suddenly Puchku pointed towards Ashish, who was managing the traffic. Then she smiled and said. : dha dha (elder brother)!

What? How did she recognize Ashish? : Chetana was astounded.

I showed her the image of a traffic police in my book : Priya laughed : I told her, it’s Ashish da.

You mean to say that she relates the images she sees to actual people and situations? : Asked Chetana. : That’s amazing intelligence from someone of her age!

Ashish da was busy managing traffic. His usual days, remained the same, throughout the year.


An unknown mastermind and the time-factor.

1:00 pm – Malik landed and received a call. The voice said – “The girl is with an rj. Don’t wait for Hasan’s network. She is a Chinese girl. You’ll get the address of the RJ from the office of 108.9 FM Radio Rock On. Don’t waste time.”

Thanks for the update. : Said Malik. : We won’t waste time!


On the other side of the showbiz.

It was an accident. : Explained haywire Hasan, in front of media booms. : We know that now we have dozens of cases filed against us, but…

Hasan’s phone rang.

I need a place to store the cargo : Ordered Malik.

Take it to Hasan’s Metal House. It’s an off day. : Said Hasan. : All yours.


12:30 pm – IP1 and IP2, reached finally got a clue.

She said she is an RJ. : Said the sub-inspector. : She came yesterday and filed a general diary about finding a little girl on the highway. She left her cellphone number with us, but probably not the address, because there wasn’t an F.I.R. We didn’t bother to take one. But in case it’s important, let me give you the number. The child looked like a Nepali or sort of Chinese. Right… Probably Chinese! She was wearing a red dress and…

And? : Asked IP2, as he turned towards IP1 making his eyes, bigger than ever.

And she sighned her name as Chetana Gowda. South Indian.

And fish! : The two RAW officers said together.


12:45 pm – IP1’s cellphone rang.

How’s Kolkata? : Asked the Secretary of Defense. : Are you people enjoying?

Yups, it feels like Delhi. : IP1 smiled. : It’s raining here since the time we landed to interrogate the Magnetic Sects agent.

Any progress? : Asked the Secretary. : The Chinese delegation has gone impatient.

Yes. : Said IP1. : We are sitting in a police station, waiting for a phone number that we could have easily got directly from the contact. The little girl is with an RJ. She was wearing a red dress. We will call the RJ, once we get the number.

IP1 narrated the entire story to the Defense Secretary.


1:00 pm – These fans of the radio program, keep calling me in random. : Said repelled Chetana. : Why do the FM people give them my cellphone number? Let me switch off the cellphone before we go to the hospital.


1:30 pm – Chetana, Miss Andrews and Puchku went to the hospital.

It’s time to remove the life support. : Said the doctor. : We’ll release the dead body, after we’ve completed a few formalities.

Chetana didn’t cry. She calmly completed the formalities and called her uncle in North-Bengal. He is a lawyer, who was her only relative! He was unmarried and was suffering from severe arthritis. He said that he would try to come. Chetana asked him, not to. She said, she’d be able to manage. Then she sat on a bench in the lobby. Miss. Andrews was quietly standing beside her.

Puchku walked to her and whispered in front of her – dhi-dhi, die bedh!

Finally Chetana started crying.


1:30 pm – Office of 108.9 FM

We are government officials. : Said IP2. : Here’s my ID card. We need the address of Miss. Chetana Gowda. Her cellphone is switched off. We left a voice mail for her, but she hasn’t replied yet.

R.A.W? : Asked the receptionist, : Is it once again for making her some kind of a Chief-Guest?

Chief-Guest? Not at all. : Said astonished IP  .: Not some chief guest, or whatever, but for some official reasons that I cannot disclose.

Here’s the address. : She said. : I don’t know what’s going on. Mr. Hasan’s Secretary called and asked for her address at around 1 :10 pm. It was about making her a chief guest. She was also asking about a girl in a red dress. Hey, why are you running?

I don’t understand. : Shouted IP2, as they ran towards the lift. : Only three of us – you, me and the sub inspector, knew about this.

I took a call from the Secretary. : Said IP1. : Concentrate on the time of the call. She said, it came at 1:10 pm.

But our phones can’t be tapped. : IP2 looked puzzled.

I didn’t say it was tapped. : Said IP1 as they jumped inside the car. : It’s a game of infinite power my friend. It was a mistake on my part!

You mean the secret…? : IP2 said to himself, before shouting. : Animal!

The car screeched its way towards the highway.


2 :00 pm – The police officer was with us, for the entire time : Said IP1 as the car reached Chetana’s house : Till 1 :15 pm we had tried to call Chetana sitting in front of the Police officer because we showed a relaxed attitude. We were sure that we would be the first to find her.

Right at 1:15 pm, we left the voice-mail for Chetana : Said IP2. : I recorded the message.

“Maam, do you remember the two government officials you met at the hospital? We are from R.A.W. We’re trying to contact you. The child you’ve found is no ordinary child. She is an android. Remember those guys in the hospital who were admitted for a certain mess. We suspect that it was done by the child over, maybe, an unexpected comment from someone she follows. Please be very careful in dealing with her.”

Right. : Said IP1. : The sub inspector couldn’t have called and our secured official cellphone lines can’t be tapped. All that the powerful guy wanted is, for us to find her. He used us and left no proof of it. Till the time we find the little android, we can prove nothing.

The house is locked. : Said IP2.

Are you looking for Chetana? : Asked a lady who was Chetana’s neighbor.  : She didn’t come back home. Probably she is at the orphanage. It’s at a fifteen minutes walking distace. ‘Miss. Andrews Orphanage’.


2 :00 pm – Chetana, Puchku and Miss Andrews came back to the orphanage. They’ll arrange to send the body to my rented apartment. : Said Chetana : It’s a favor on their part.

Then you must leave now. : Said Miss Andrews. : I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Chetana and Puchku started walking. After five minutes they reached the passage to main road. Suddenly Chetana felt that Puchku wasn’t walking.

What happened? : Asked Chetana, as she dragged the child upwards. Probably she had fainted. : Are you not feeling well? Why are you sleeping?

She felt like a man was standing behind. A needle pierced in her left arm. Everything blacked out in front of her eyes. A car came and braked in front of them. The lady and the child, were thrown inside the car and the car left.


Rooftop genius!

Gablu was sitting on the rooftop with his binocular.

I am Mega-Mind : He said, as he put on his binocular

What’s going on there? : Thought Gablu, as he adjusted his Mega-Mind binoculars. : Hal’s Men! They’re going to Hal’s castle. It’s not Hal. It’s Ha-san’s metal house!


2 :25 – Miss Andrews was about to leave for Chetana’s rented house when the two officers reached the orphanage.

Where is Chetana? : Asked IP1. : Her life’s in danger.

What? : The old lady was clueless. : What happened?

To a castle.  It’s nearby. : Said a boy who came running. : They took Chetana maam and Puchku to Hasan’s Metal House.

How do you know? : Asked IP2.

I have a Mega-Mind binocular. : The boy looked anxious. : That’s because I am Mega-Mind and I saw them from our terrace. They took Puchku.

You know something? : Asked IP1, as he sat and patted Gablu, in appreciation. : You are Mega-Mind!

IP1 turned to IP2.

Call the force. : He said. : It’s time!

Gablu stared at the two officers, trying to imagine, what the force would look like.


The castle!

Puchku woke up and found herself in a huge room. There were huge wooden boxes all around. She felt hungry and thirsty. She wondered where she is while she looked around. There were lots of people in the room. Most of them were armed. There was a huge truck at the corner of the room that far away. At a corner she saw her dhi-dhi (to her, a name) sitting on a chair, tied up in ropes. Her mouth was taped. There were time bombs implanted all around the chair.

Mmm… : Chetana tried to say something. She was awake and had no clue as to what was going on.

So, she’s our Chief-Guest. : Said a tall and strong guy standing at the center of the room. : My name is Malik. Malik Al Quadir. I apologize for the inconvenience maam. We had to tie you up, just to ensure that you don’t command this little animal. Yes. That’s what she is. She’s a dangerous animal. Don’t you trust me? I’ll show you.

Another tall guy came to Malik and handed over a purse and a cellphone.

She was carrying these inside her purse. : Said the guy : Nothing with the child.

Aha, what’s in the lady’s secret purse? : Said Malik as he smiled. : Nope. We don’t see what’s inside the lady’s purse. But we may check the cellphone for some messages. Maybe? Okay, let’s switch it on. So, here’s a voice message. Let’s play it.

The voice mail said – “Maam, do you remember the two government officials you met at the hospital? We are from R.A.W. We’re trying to contact you. The child you’ve found is no ordinary child. She is an android. Remember those guys in the hospital who were admitted for a certain mess. We suspect that it was done by the child over maybe an unexpected comment from someone she follows. Please be very careful in dealing with her.”

Chetana was awake, but half awake, due to the action of the drug they had injected. She was trying to think and understand.

A comment? : She thought.  : Who commented? What sort of a comment? What’s an ‘Android’? Why did these people abduct us? What have we done?

Oops. : Said Malik. : Too late idiots. Maam’s tied up now. So now that I’ve passed on the message to her, I’ll shut down the cellphone forever.

Malik threw the phone on the ground and it broke into pieces.

Now my lady, it’s time for the demonstration. : he said : As I promised, I’ll prove to you, that this little thing here and the one you are in love with, is nothing but an android, that was created to follow orders, just like an animal. Anyone can command her by means of a word. She’s trained to be a human bomb. Let me rephrase it. Maybe you can call her a human anti-bomb and I don’t want to give you an ignorant death, since I have a heart. So let’s play a game, just for fun. That little slave will kill you over my command and along with the chair you’re sitting on, we’ll blow this place up, with a little help from this remote that I’m carrying. I need something made of metal and there it is.

Puchku. : Said Malik. : Are you thirsty?

The little girl nodded. She was staring at Chetana, trying to understand what was going on. She was thirsty. She picked up her little right arm and called the poor lady tied up in the chair.

Do you want to drink it? : Asked Malik, as a guy carried a glass full of water to him. : Good. Do you see that truck at the corner of this huge stockroom? Pick the truck up and smash it on the ground.

Big toyish? Only Tik-Tiki Bang Bang. : The child smiled as she spoke to herself. Chetana’s terrified eyes saw the truck fly up in the air and bang itself to the ground, shattering into pieces.

Power of a super-magnet, revealed! : Said Malik, on top of the world. : She controls metals in every ways possible. Now for the second order that you need to follow, my little animal ‘Puchku’. Do you see that lady sitting on the chair? Pick up that truck’s mud guard and use it to crush her head.

Nothing happened, because Puchku was talking to herself, thinking something she had learnt from Miss. Andrews.

I believe she didn’t get what I said. : Malik laughed. : Do you see that huge piece of metal? That’s called the mud guard. Pick it up and smash her head. Kill her. Do you understand the word? Dead’? Die? Kaboom, maybe? Are you hungry? Do you want this chocolate?

Malik showed her a huge bar of chocolate.

Angly? : Said the little angel, with tears in her eyes. : No angly… No thitty. Dhi dhi.

She eagerly tried to explain – Dhi dhi sadh. Maa die. Die bedh! No big toyish. Shhuphhh! Die badh. Then she waved her hand in the air bidding Malik, a good bye. She didn’t like him. She wanted him to leave.

No Pushku ! : She took her stand and denied a direct order for the first time.

Are we there? : Asked IP2, over a call.

Everyone on position. : IP4 confirmed.

We are ready. : Said IP2.

Then what are we waiting for? : Asked impatient IP1.

You’ve got your weapon. : Said the Defense Secretary, over the call. : Now get my funds transferred.

Certainly. : Said the happy I.S.I representative : Malik has placed the request to release the funds. We are transferring it to the bank account number provided by you, within three days. The keys of your private mansion in Dubai will be handed over to you, by one of our Indian representatives, called Hasan, who is a Kolkata based industrialist. He’ll deliver it to you at your personal cabin in Delhi, once Malik confirms us about the certainty of your cooperation, to get the android out of your nation.


Operation Team 9.

8 :00 pm The problem is, she is inside, with the child : Said IP2.

We’ll find a way. : IP1 whispered, as the armed team entered the huge premise of the Metal House. IP1’s eyes were as red as cherries and he was constantly talking to himself : Administrative hunk haan? Big shot? I’ll show you the door. You messed with a R.A.W officer. You messed with the devil.


What Gablu’s force actually looked like – R.A.W team intro as per code name assigned.

3 :00 pm – IP9, Sharpest of the lot.

But sir, we have absolute proofs that Malik is working for I.S.I, in the name of diplomacy : Argued IP9.

It doesn’t matter. : Said the Head. : Our country needs oil. Malik’s sources are extended to the representatives of the Diplomatic Community. Even if you try to prove that he planned to implant a nuke, probably he’ll remain untouched.

So what do you suggest? Let them enjoy terrorism? : Asked the lady.

Okay, fine. But whatever you do, please don’t be emotional. Rather be diplomatic and leave no proofs. : Said the head, after giving it a thought.

Got what he asked for! : Said IP9, as she took her cellphone out, in order to inform IP1. : Of-course we’ll tackle them diplomatically sir, but we shouldn’t spare them. Their team messed with our protocols.

Kar do Shreeganesh (Start the mission). : The Head smiled. : But please don’t give me a headache. Best of luck!


3 :30 pm IP8.

Who are inside? What’s going on? Tell me or I’ll shoot you instead of showing you my ID card. : Asked IP8 with a gun pointed at the guard.

I’ve no clue. : Said the guard of the ‘Metal House’. : Three trucks and a car went inside. Hasan sir’s secretary authorized their entrance.

Hasan sir…? : Asked IP8. : Then do something. Forward me that authorization mail, keep your mouth shut and watch a romantic movie.

The phone rang

Yes sir. I’m here. This is IP8 reporting. No one left the Metal House.

Watch out for the child. : Said IP1. : If you accidentally mess with her, you’d be dead.


4 :30 pm IP7.

I told you that it was the RJ who was controlling that devil. I want that RJ dead Malik. They messed with my men and bulldozers. I’ll have to compensate for their damages. Now that’s a real operational loss for me. I know, I know. I’ll hand over the keys to the secretary. Yes, in Delhi : Said Mr. Hasan and as he turned back he saw a young lad standing and smiling.

Whoa? How did you enter my cabin?

Are you kidding me? : Asked the person. : This isn’t magic dude. I enter countries without permission. I see you’re going to Delhi, am I correct? Ever been to Beijing? Nice place. Arrey, why are you ringing that bell again and again? Waste of effort. Those guards of your’s, went for some training. Worthless they are!

The lad started drinking the coffee that was ordered for Mr. Hasan.

Who are you and what do you want? : Hasan’s face turned pale.

Not much from you. : Said the guy. : A call would come to you seeking for an authorization to let an electrician in. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you and not only tell you what to do next, but also, how to do it. Call me IP7.


6 :00 pm – IP6, IP5, IP4.

We have taken care of all the tree trucks and their car sir. Tibhoo! Shut down! In case they try to escape, the trucks won’t start.


7 :00 pm – IP3.

Where are you going? : Asked the armed guard.

I’m an electrician. : Said IP3. : Hasan sir has sent me to check the status of the ‘screw machine’, just in order to ensure, that the company workers stop screwing during the operation hours.

Wait. Let me check. : The guard made the call, directly to Hasan, seeking authorization : Okay sir, thank you. You may get inside the premises.

Sir, I’m in. : Said IP3. : The lady is tied up in a chair. Forty five men approx. Armed with Kalashnikov. Malik is lecturing and the amazing news is, P.U.C.H.K.W isn’t following anyone’s order other than the lady called Chetana.

You are a good news guy my electrician. : Said IP1. : Now do something. There are internal announcement boxes. Switch them on. IP7 will take care of Hasan.


8 :00 pm – The Team.

The problem is, Chetana is inside, with the child. : Said IP2. We’ll find a way. : IP1 whispered, as the armed team entered the huge premise of the Metal House. IP1’s eyes were as red as cherries and he was constantly talking to himself : Big shot? I’ll show you the door Mr. Defense Secretary. You messed with a R.A.W officer.


We are playing with didi. : Said Malik. : It’s a game.

Malik had realized that the code word was no longer working. Unlike a robot, the little thing was behaving like any other child, emotionally attached to dear ones. The only person, who could command her, is the RJ.

And that is when the announcement happened over the internal announcement boxes.

Hi Malik. : Said IP1. : You see that microphone next to the box? My electrician friend has made the special arrangement for us to have a chat. Congrats dude, you’re talking to a R.A.W agent. Unfortunately due to some Mega-Mind sort of an intrusion, we came to know of your wonderful deeds. You are surrounded by my men to be treated accordingly. So, on behalf of my team, I’d request you to do something. Surrender without a word!

You made a big mistake rat. : Though he was shouting over the mic, Malik’s voice didn’t sound confident enough. : I have the child and the RJ. You know what I’ll do to them?

Kill them both? Blow up the place with yourself inside? Mission accomplished? Wow. Strategist you are, Malik. Now I know why they hired you. You’re a genius. Go ahead hero. Me and my friends would love to watch the firecracker show. What say guys? It’d be better than watching T 20. Won’t you wish them best of luck?

Best of Luck!: Roared the merry team.

I belong to the diplomatic community. : Shouted Malik. : Don’t dare touch me.

I don’t belong to that community. : Said IP1. : I’ll shoot you without a thinking twice.

Suddenly one of Malik’s guards fired the first bullet from the Metal House. The reply came along. It was raining fire!


Inside the castle.

An armed guy had made the poor child sit on a chair. She was playing with an invisible toy. She heard the gunshots.

Dhum. : Said Puchku. : Dhi-dhi, dhoom!

Irrespective of what happens to me, I need to save the innocent child : Chetana was trying to think : She controls metals. What did I say that made her mess with the hooligans outside the hospital?

Chetana felt helpless. Her biggest strength, her voice, was not helping her. She shut her eyes. That is when the conversation flashed inside her head.

She part-remembered a slice of her past and voices reverberated,

I showed her the image of a traffic police in my book. : Priya laughed.

You mean, she relates the images she sees, with actual people and situations? That’s amazing intelligence…

Chetana reopened her eyes and saw the huge banner used as a label for the wooden boxes. It had an image of the drills that were packed inside the boxes. It said – Hasan’s Drilling Tools.

In a moment Chetana knew what she was supposed to do, in order to save the child.

It could be her only defense. : Thought Chetana.

Mmm… She tried to grab the attention of Puchku.

Dhi dhi, Gam! : The peaceful little thing looked up and smiled. She had perceived it as a game and was supposed to sit quietly.

Mmm. : Chetana nodded and moved her head in a way to divert Puchku’s attention towards the banner. Puchku turned back and saw the image.

Schooo. : Said the happy angel. : Gam!

The armed guy was trying to understand what was going on, as the non-verbal conversation between the two friends continued.

Ayeedh. Schoo. Shhuphhh? : Asked Puchku.

Mmm…: Chetana’s head moved sideways, meaning – ‘No’.

Ayeedhhh. Schooo. : Puchku repeated.


The naughty devil came up with her naughty little smile.

Ash-whole! : She roared in pride. : No mind, big toyish? Only Tik-Tiki Bang-Bang!

Chetana’s head moved up and down. : Mmm! (Yes)

The non-verbal communication was successfully over and all the wooden boxes started moving as if it were an earthquake. Then the drills fired out of their respective boxes and started flying all around like Guided-Missiles.


Outside the castle.

Stop firing! : Shouted IP1. : Why are their men shouting like mad?

One of Malik’s guards came dancing out of the Metal House, unarmed. There was a drill inserted in his thigh, as deep as it could have gone.

The girl missed this one. : Said IP1. : I’ll go inside.

IP1 ran inside and took a hide behind the wall. He poked inside. Everyone was lying flat on the ground. There was a remote control on the table.

Puchku. : He called softly : Do you remember me? This is uncle.

Ish uk nul! : The child imitated IP1, sitting on the chair with an innocent face.

No-one touches a Kalashnikov. : IP1 threatened the guards, who were lying on the floor after been drilled.

Come inside boys. : Shouted IP1, as he picked up the remote of the time-bomb. Then he ran towards Chetana and took the tape, off her mouth.

Tell the child to remain calm. : He said. : Assure her that we are your friends.

Puchku, no more games. : Roared Chetana.

No gam! : The little thing looked sad, as once again she started playing alone.

She understands you perfectly and she didn’t hurt you. : IP1 was astounded. : But your mouth was tied up. How did you command her?

Indian armed forces came inside the ‘Metal House’.

Ask her to diffuse this bomb tied up in your chair. : Said IP1.

Who? Puchku? : Asked surprised Chetana.

Yes maam. : Said IP1. : You’ll be amazed by her powers.

Chetana was taken to her home over a safe refuge of officers. Chetana’s mother’s dead body was taken back to the hospital. The funeral happened at a later part of the day.


Wrapping up a Metal-House.

This is Malik. : Said IP7, as he dragged Malik to his superior. : You wanted to talk to him!

Good. : Said IP1. Make him sit on a chair.

Let him try. : IP7 smiled. : I mean, if his butt allows him to sit.

How did you find me? : Asked Malik. : Even if you kill me, I won’t say a word. I want my lawyer.

Mega-Mind told us about your plan. : IP1 smiled.

What? : Malik was surprised. : Who’s Mega-Mind?

That’s the code name for our defense Secretary. : Said IP1. : He showed you the way and sent here to kill you. He double crossed you, not his own country. It was a plan to capture you and kill that little android manufactured in china.

I’ll pay more. : Screamed Malik. : How much?

Sorry boss. : IP1 shrugged helplessly. : We are mere followers, going by orders.

That was enough acting from IP1, for Malik to go desperate. As IP1 turned and walked to IP7 to have a word, Malik slowly took out his cellphone and pressed the redial button.

Hello sir, : Malik hurried over the call : The Secretary double crossed us. The child is with him. They are killing me along with her.

And that will be it! : Said IP1, as he snatched the cellphone.  : Take them to R.A.W’s special cell. No communication with the outside world. No lawyers. Only interrogation!

You. : Malik stared wild, perceiving the amazing move made by IP1. : You wanted me to call my superior. It was a plan.

What else? : IP1 laughed, as he turned back to IP7. : What was he lecturing? Oops, too late idiot. I have played this for them and now I’ll shut it down, forever.

IP1 threw Malik’s cellphone on the ground. The phone shattered to pieces.


Truth vs fiction.

A day later – The director of the upcoming Bengali movie revisited the place, in order to plan the alterations in his script. Renovations were going on.

She did this. : Said a little boy standing at a distance, watching the director.

Who? : Asked the director.

Puchku! : Said the boy. : She has special powers. It’s called ‘Chiki Chiki Bang Bang’.

What’s your name? : Asked the director.

Mega-Mind.  : Said the boy.

Mega-Mind, go and study. : Said the director. : Paka chheley kothaakar (An over-smart lad).

The boy came back and while he was going inside the building, he checked the letterbox assigned to his father. There was a packet inside. It said – ‘To Mega-Mind, from Metro Man, who’s just another alien refugee. -IP1 .’

Gablu rushed into opening the packet. Inside it was a Mega-Mind wrist-watch. He jumped up in ‘Joy’!


Old friendships die hard.

Three days later at Defense Secretary’s cabin –

Before I hand you over the keys, Mr. Secretary… : Said Hasan. : I’d like to clarify something. I heard that you sent those officers to kill the girl and not just to find her. Why is that?

Hasan. : Said the Secretary. : Indian government gives me enough power and money, but not this kind of money. I needed to get an idiot. I said all that to him, in order to get his confidence, assuring him that we are not in queue of using the child as a weapon. Then all I had to do, is to call him and get the information out of his stupid brain. In case he directly killed her, I would receive a better status as administrator. Since he couldn’t, I’m getting the money. It was a pre-programmed win for me, irrespective of the way he took. The keys please.

Here sir. : Said Hasan, as he passed the stuff on to him.

A round key? : Asked the Secretary. : Do the Dubai based mansions have round keys?

It’s a microphone sir. I had to save my back. : Said helpless Hasan. : There’s a camera behind you, in the wall, that the R,A.W officials had installed in the morning. That would be it Mr. Hasan : Said IP1, as he entered the cabin with a huge team, including the absolute decision making authorities of the Indian government. : We’ll take it from here.

Hasan was taken out of the room. The Secretary sat on his chair like a statue.

As per our intelligence, ISI is confident, that it’s you, who got their weapon killed, by us. : Said IP1. : So they’ll not let you live. But that’s fine. We would not let you die either. Enjoy your blown up future, while you pass on to us, that expensive piece of microphone you are holding in your hand. Thanks. We went through a simple procedure sir. We started by programming  Hasan, who in turn, programmed you and as we would agree, that every child is sort of a programmable instrument and it all depends on who’s programming it!


Ten days later at 3 :00 am.

A car came and stopped at a place near the orphanage. Miss. Andrews entered the car, with Priya. Puchku was sitting inside, having a chocolate. Other than her, Chetana was there and there was IP7, who was driving the car.

Piya! : Puchku looked happier than ever. : Angly? Tocolat.

Priya smiled and took Puchku on her lap.

You won’t be having any problems staying at my uncle’s place : Said grateful Chetana : His name is Mr. Mohit Gowda. He stays in Siliguri, but has a bungalow at Jalpaiguri. You can stay there, along with Priya and Puchku, as long as these officers want you to.

IP1 would rather trust you, than a government facility. : Said IP7 : A very small team of our core unit, will keep a close watch on you. Please don’t worry about the orphanage.

I know. : Miss Andrews smiled : Thank you. The non-government organization representatives, sent by IP1, came to the orphanage and our little team handed over the administration, on to them.

Ash whole! : The little girl whispered in happiness.

Not again! : Said IP7, as he searched for a place to sit and guard his back.

Shuph! : Said Miss Andrews.

Shupphhh! : The little angel confirmed, making her eyes big.

There was this scientist who worked as the main engineer of the P.U.C.H.K.W project in China and was sort of a pervert. : Said IP7. : Probably she had learnt the meaning of all those English words from him. It’ll take time, for her to forget her past. Best of luck little angel!


One month later.

Hi, this is your RJ friend Chetana and we were talking about how our defense forces silently work day in and day out to our nation away from terrors. I mean, everyone knows the name of Sachin Tendulkar, but how many of us know the name of a single army-man who laid down his life during the Kargil war? Today we’ll ask you their names, here in your favorite program called ‘Imagine Your World’ and if you could answer correctly you’d win exciting prizes. I would also like to inform you that this would be your friend’s last show on behalf of Radio Rock On and that she would miss you.


Director’s Cut.

Three months later.

The movie was released. It was called – Ekti Duronto Uronto Manush (The Amazing Flying Man). Rojonikanto did not win any award for the movie, but the movie earned quite a lot. The Chinese played the role of villains in the movie. One of the dialogues of the movie became a sensation. The dialogue is said to have conveyed an important social message for the Taxi Drivers- Yanna rascala, don’t angry me. My taxi? A rocket! Nasa may use it to land on Saturn, etc.

Do you know what I really loved about the movie? : Asked the producer.

Is it the name of the movie, sir? : Asked the director.

No. : Said the producer : The earnings. You see, it all depends on the channel of distribution and the market.

The knowledgeable producer continued…


Happy family.

Seven months later, on a fine sunny day, all the nine officers other than IP-H, came out of a restaurant at New Delhi.

So, Chetana has taken up a new Job at the National FM – Delhi. : Said IP 7.

And Puchku along with Priya are a part of her family. : Said IP 8. : Miss. Andrews pays a visit to her every now and then.

I enjoyed it like the best mission of my life. : Said IP9.

It’s the same here my lady. : Said her husband, the IP 5. : It was quite a mission!

IP1’s phone rang.

Yes Chetana, tell me. : He said over the phone.

Can you pick Puchku up from her school? I’m late for my office. : Asked Chetana.

Definitely! : Confirmed IP1.

And when are you starting to date her? : Asked IP2, as IP1 gave him the usual stare.

I meant, just for our records. : Said IP2, adding a naughty smile to it.

Everyone in the IP team, started laughing and all the IPs entered their respective cars except IP7, who saw a little boy, come and stand in front of a restaurant. He was hungry.

Khana khayega? : Asked the restaurant owner. : Plate saaf karega? (You need to clean the dishes, if you want to have a meal.)

Nahin karega. : Said IP7. : Meraa chhota bhai hai. Paisey mujh sey ley lenaa (He won’t clean the dishes. Please consider him to be my own brother. I’ll pay on his behalf).

Sir… : Pleaded the owner of the restaurant. : Yeh apney jaisey aur laayega. (Sir, next day he’ll bring his friends along with him.)

Kitney (How many of them)?

Dus pandhrah, yaa aur zyada (About ten to twenty or maybe more).

Bus? Dus likes? Yeh bhi koi Facebook page hai? Usko bolo merey khatey mein sau tak allowed. Roz! Paise mujhsey ley lenaa (Ask him to get hundreds of his friends. I’ll pay for them too).

The dumbfounded shopkeeper stared at IP7, unable to understand the reason for such generosity.

Pataa hai Indian govt external defense pey kitnaa kharcha karti hai? Yeh zyaada important hai. Internal defense hai yeh. Haan, plate mat dhulwaana, nahin toh Beijing bhej dungaa. Government sey wasool lenaa, merey jaisey (Feeding the boy is more important than spending on the defense of our borders. Children of our country belong to the part of our internal defense).

IP7 felt like asking the boy what his name is, but he didn’t. It was time for him, to move back to Beijing.

What’s in the name? : He thought. : Let it be – Mega-Mind.

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